Analyst: $70 Wii Price Cut, $100 PS3 Price Cut Coming Soon

Throwing his two cents into the holiday hardware price cut predictions, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey believes that both Nintendo and Sony will be cutting their hardware prices in the near future.

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thornh3390d ago

My prediction.

PS3 slim $299. PS2 emulation. 80Gb HD. GT5 "launch" title and possible bundle. GT5 12/1/09.

All conjecture. We'll find out 18Aug09.

Muppetmeat3390d ago

Wasn't Mike Hickey the same moron who predicted a Blu-Ray-less PS3 a few months ago?

Cwalat3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Wonder what Michael Pachter would say about this matter...

Anyways, the three hour press conference Sony has planned for GameCon should be proof enough that they are planning something big.

I personally believe they'll announce either a pricedrop or a new PS3 slim, perhaps even both. And as for the GT 5 release date...

On GameReactor TV, Kazunori Yamauchi himself said: "We actually reached a point where we could release it at any time, but we can also keep working on it for as long as we want to. It's basically a matter of timing..."

And after the GTplanet statement: "It's very likely we'll see an 09 release date."

It's pretty much clear that they COULD release it this year, but Sony has the ball on their court. So unless Sony says otherwise, i believe it will release this year. (One thing to keep in mind is that, alot of racing games are releasing this fall, so perhaps that's what holding Sony back)

-Mezzo-3390d ago

199$ Wii----PS3 Slim 299$ later September.

Cwalat3390d ago

Why would Nintendo drop the price for Wii when it's selling above 360 and PS3?

If they can earn more money on it, why wouldn't they?
You won't see a Wii pricedrop anytime soon, sorry.

PS3 slim will probably go for 329-349$ cause a new slimline PS3 will sell alot, no matter pricepoint... But when the hype slowly fades away, they'll drop the Slim to 299$.

The remaining PS3's will drop to 299$ as soon as PS3 slim gets announced.

I mean, this isn't 100% confirmed... but having a press conference that's 3 hours long and it's not even E3, should be proof of a big announcement is incoming.

dannyhinote_133390d ago

Because they want to meet shipping targets they set earlier this year. Without a cut, they'd get hell from investors for (relative) poor sales.