More than 36,000 PS3's sold in Australia

The figures for the PS3 are looking pretty good, the Nintendo Wii is at 80,000 and the Xbox 360 is at 160,000. But both of these consoles had come out long before the PS3 arrived on the scene.

Sony has already sold more than 36,000 of its PS3 consoles despite the $1000 price tag, and 35 per cent of those buyers have connected the units to the internet.

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nice_cuppa4191d ago

these numbers are for a system at the height of hype !

techie4191d ago

"In the first four days since its launch last Thursday, 32,901 Wii units were sold nationwide, said Daniel Morse, games analyst at GfK.

This compared with the previous record of 30,421 Xbox 360s sold in the four days after its launch in March, he said."

kewlkat0074191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

"This week Sony Pictures spent $3 million on buying a stake in local movie download company ReelTime, saving it from an uncertain future, as its shares had been suspended since February."

I hate the numbers GAME FLAME..but isn't this like the same deal MS did with Netflix?

competition is good..

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The story is too old to be commented.