TotallyGN reviews Fat Princess

TotallyGN writes: "I've just spent the better part of a weekend fixing gates, carrying huge slices of cake around and generally being a busy little bee. Nope, I haven't been indulging in some sort of bizarre DIY experiment; I've been playing my favourite class in Titan Studios' sublime new game, Fat Princess...

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kapedkrusader3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

...than any other game I've seen reviews for and then give it an "8"?
Why do PLAYSTATION exclusives need to be the second coming of Christ to get a "9" and up? This is really starting to irk me.


"the game is so multi-faceted and so much fun that it justifies its price and becomes one of those PSN titles that epitomises the innovation and quirkiness of some of the PS3 exclusives we’ve enjoyed in the machine’s lifespan"

"I’ve been playing my favourite class in Titan Studios’ sublime new game, Fat Princess."

raztad3388d ago

Dont pay attention to those reviews. I never do when the game is a PS3 exclusive. Too much fanboyism and nitpicking. PS3 exclusive games almost never disappoint, specially if they are first/second party, look at two awesome games KZ2 and inFAMOUS, nitpicked to death, thankfully I tried both w/o bother with Edge or Eurolamers "reviews". Reviews might be useful for multiplats.

-Mezzo-3388d ago

Under-rated it a perfect game in my opinion deserves 9/10

Johnny Rotten3388d ago

Pretty cool game, you can tell the developers really cared about it (presentation wise). The soccer matches are a blast! Just curious does the version over-seas call it soccer or football?

Pebz3388d ago

Depends of which side of "over-seas" you mean, but it's soccer in Europe at least.