Why are so many games slipping to 2010?

'Brutal' Xmas market pushing games into next year...

Games publishers are increasingly moving the planned releases of numerous 'triple A' games and new IPs (intellectual properties) away from the Christmas holiday 2009 release window into early 2010.

But why?

The reality is that many consumers buying games for Christmas presents tend to plump for the bigger established branded games and franchises like Activision's Call of Duty or EA's FIFA, which are seen as less of a risk-purchase. analyst Nick Gibson thinks the reason for the number of titles now slipping into early 2010 is "largely down to a combination of ever increasing competitive pressure, the complexity of modern console development and the growing financial importance of avoiding franchise mis-steps."

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Baba19063459d ago

well have u seen how many games are coming out in october till december? a lot! and the ones moved, are not ready. thats it.

ShabzS3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

grr... mordern warfare 2 !!! they pushed back max payne, bio shock dark void and now splinter cell ... its just crazy

-Mezzo-3459d ago

Still i have soo much to looks forwards too on my PS3.

KionicWarlord2223459d ago

Modern warefare 2 better be as great as it sounds .

Automat3459d ago

operation flashpoint 2 says HI