Marketing practices are flawed and wasteful, says Dyack

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has told that the industry must change its marketing practices and adopt a method similar to that seen in Hollywood, if it hopes to stop throwing away money and development time.

Dyack believes the process of showing early code to journalists and expecting developers to create demo's for trade shows months before final release is a flawed and wasteful practice.

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PS360WII4190d ago

because when they did it they got horrible reamed out. Marketing works well if the other department owns up to what they claim the game to be. I have high hopes for Too Human but Demo's and Trade Shows are here to stay I'm pretty sure

eques judicii4190d ago

here to stay... yes... but does he make a valid point? yes! I think if developers spent 2 years in development and then sent a finished product to reviewers things would be different... will this happen? no!

i personally like seeing previews and getting hyped about games, so i think there is a difference about what might be better for the game and what we, as gamers, will allow to happen.