zConnection: Fallout 3 Point Lookout DLC Review

zConnection's Jorge Fernandez writes: "Bethesda Studio's 3D interpretation of Fallout's post-nuclear world has been praised by critics and series fans alike…and for good reason. Ironic as it may sound, Fallout 3's grimy, dilapidated setting is truly a wonder to observe as well as explore. After spending several hundred hours of scavenging and surviving in this hobbled wasteland, however, a change of scenery would be nice. In the newest DLC episode, Point Lookout, players can take a ferryboat ride to the titular resort, filled with lush forests, green mountains, murderous cult members and mutated hillbillies. Only 300 caps, bed and breakfast included."

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NewNameNow3389d ago

Shoot I wish I had the 360 version :-/

Or is this out for PS3 as well?