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Myst3459d ago

I don't see why you got disagrees, I honestly would have done the same thing coupled with a backflip of joy.

Ninji3459d ago

Especially when the PSP versions are better than the Wii version (which still makes me lol that they managed to screw up a console version of the game that badly).

I'll stick to God Eater from now on.

knox3459d ago

confirmed: your a moron
i doubt youve even played monster hunter 3 yet so thats real smart of you to make a dumb comment like that

Tetsuryu3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I certainly hope the "pay-to-play" for the cooperative online is absent for the western releases.

forgot my password3459d ago

monster hunter on the ps2 didn't have any subscription type sh*t
i hope this one doesn't have it either

v1c1ous3459d ago

Some online games in US generally doesn't have subscription based online play unlike their japanese counterparts, i hope capcom pulls through again with free online play!


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The story is too old to be commented.