The Karma System: Not Quite Good Enough

The idea of good and evil is becoming a more frequent topic in a lot of today's games, which has manifested itself in what can collectively be called the Karma system. The formula is simple; perform good actions in games, and you are rewarded in a variety of ways. These can range from a certain idealized physical appearance to random peoples giving you a variety of prezzies in tribute to your astonishing purity of mind and body...and sometimes just body.

For the bad people, on the other hand, things are different. You are a cursed, unwelcome soul, viewed as undesirable by anyone you come across, including those who are likewise viewed as undesirable themselves. Being bad, while usually offering the bonuses of intoxicating power, usually comes with some severe disadvantages. Nobody wants to be your friend, although they may consent to have sex with you, but not if those physical deformities that you will appall whomever you come into contact with.

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