Get ready for PSPgo launch with Sony PSPgo accessories

In just under two months, a new PlayStation Portable system will be arriving: the PSPgo. The PSPgo will officially launch on October 1, 2009. The PSPgo starts a new model series for the PlayStation Portable line, which is PSP-N1000. You'll have to look for products and accessories compatible with that model rather than the PSP-1000, PSP-2000 or PSP-3000 series of PSP hardware. Sony PSPgo accessories will be packaged in a yellow/gold color scheme to help identify PSPgo compatible products. Sony will have several accessories available for the October 1st launch of the PSPgo. See a list of first-party Sony accessories to get you prepped for the launch of the PSPgo, currently available for pre-order and a October 1 delivery with the PSPgo.

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-Mezzo-3390d ago

Looks cool, but since i own a PSP 3000 i thinks there i no need to get this.

usern4g3389d ago

This is a bad-move for sony, doing this cash-grab with accessories. They should have kept backwards compt. with the old accessories.

poindat3390d ago

It costs enough by itself, thank you very much.

zok3103390d ago

Will I able the PSP-3000 memory stick in the PSP-GO, or only the new micro memory chips ?

Tony P3390d ago

With 16GB internal memory, you don't have to use any stick starting off. However, when you want to expand you'll have to buy a new micro cos that's all it accepts.

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