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mcgrawgamer4285d ago

I read this entire article and I agree with it, as far as the title goes. It will be a challenge for Kaz, but I don't he'll have a problem with steering the Sony ship in the right direction. As long as he's given the proper support from the shareholders.

Premonition4285d ago

Kaz is a cool guy, I think he will get the job done, Ken has probably been showing him the ropes for the past few years now, so hopefully things get better in the future.

Apocalypse Shadow4285d ago

both are educated,both can hold an audience,both can do interviews straight from the hip,both know what sony needs to do to get to profitability sooner rather than later,both love technology and both can get third parties onboard in making content for sony products.

ps3 has the gift of innovations from ken k,and that should help them in the long stretch.and ken will still advise from afar as he works on broadening the online network he wants.phil helped with the eyetoy and that caught on and sold is key to countering nintendo and the wii.

and if kaz and sony really wanted to,they should release software that does what these video attempts to put across:

and if they really want to frustrate nintendo,they should release the magic wand that they were working on and patented in 2004-2005:

eye2,the motion controller and the magic wand would end the nintendo wii fad.leaving nintendo to shake their heads in amazment.

sajj3164285d ago

nice post shadowgamer. Both Phil and Kaz have something that Ken lacked. Its called communication. Ken's a genious, no doubt about it. If he can't properly communicate that genious then he can't be an efficient executive. As an executive, you do not need to know how it works but whether it works. If it doesn't work then communicate how you are going to make it work.

Phil and Kaz have already proven that they can make it work...

PS3 Owns All4284d ago

And there will be many, MANY great PLAYSTATION 3 titles coming this fall! So hold your horses, the wait will be worth it!

Apocalypse Shadow4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

so true just seems obvious they(kaz and phil) project confidence.but some mistake that for arrogance.

howard stringer shouldn't have too many worries on mouthfuls of out of context comments from those two gentlemen.