PWGM: Wipeout Fury Review

PWGM Writes: "At £7.99, Fury is one of the more expensive DLC packs on the PlayStation Store, but at a maximum of £21.98 for the HD Fury combination (HD fluctuates between £11.99 and £13.99), its value is difficult to dispute. Counting the reverse modes, there are 28 tracks (four Zone specials), plus 12 new Fury ships with alternative skins, and 3 superb additional modes. Eliminator and Zone Battle can be played in splitscreen, which is much appreciated. And since the 2.00 update, player statistics are viewable (as well as many improvements to the lobby and invite system), making HD Fury the most complete Wipeout package since the series began.

Negatives? Eliminator at its most frantic doesn't hold up to the claimed 60fps, and there are still minor online issues, but feedback and fixes come very quickly. Extra teams (such as old-school favourites Van-Uber or Tigron) would have been welcome rather than just variants of existing ships, but that can wait for another update. Honestly, it's hard to fault Fury. The PS3 now has a full, brilliant Wipeout experience."

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