PWGM: Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 1 review

PWGM Writes: "In other aspects, Telltale really has been on the ball. Puzzles are still complicated enough to give enough chin scratching sessions, but when you've solved them, it's a moment of triumph rather then an extended Angry German Kid moment, and there's never any of those use-the-Scottish-editor-to-open-glass-dolphin-chest business. The in-game hint system also tends to help, usually isn't grating, and can be turned off, but more seasoned adventure gamers, particularly those who are genre savvy will rarely have need of it. These benefits do make ToMI an interesting series to watch. It is certainly good enough for me to buy the rest of the series, but I can't help but feel Telltale ought to simply give themselves more time to do what they're clearly very capable of doing."

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