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Tribunal3390d ago

and the expansions begin...

Rainstorm813390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Damn already

Yet people complain about DLC.

Whats the difference besides pc expansions cost more money?


I dont play the sims. Im very familiar with EA milking used to be a die hard madden fan.

christian hour3390d ago

Besides more money from ea? Loads of differences...

Less money in your wallet than you previously had.

A total sense of feeling ripped off once you install it and realise its just the holiday expansion the last 2 games had.

Erm and... I guess a new sense of wonderment as to what the next expansion will be, and how you already plan to buy it anyways, even though the last one sucked becaaause... I guess because you can't help it, its a damn addictive game.

Those are a few of the differences you'll notice once you buy this expansion.

poindat3390d ago

If it's a problem for you guys, just wait until they release the inevitable bundles. Patience is a virtue.

Guaranteed to give a hell of a lot more value for the money than buying the expansions separately.

skapunkmetalskater3390d ago

EA has a cash cow here and it's time for a milkin, again!

christian hour3390d ago

Sims 1 on holiday part 3: bon voyage 2 - World adventures. I love how they recycle old expansion packs as if they were new ideas. Although I wouldn't mind going to those pyramids... or buyin stuff at those cools stalls... I think I will do that, when I'm IN actual Egypt. The missus will love this though. So I'll be picking it up for her I guess at some point.

DiffusionE3390d ago

I think we should have an official franchise-milking showdown between EA and Activision-Blizzard. EA for The Sims series and Activision for COD: Modern Warfare series, see who can squeeze the most out of their customers. Now THAT would make a great Reality TV show.

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