Nintendo launching DSi Facebook integration in North America today

While reviewing pictures they've stored in the Nintendo DSi Camera album, which includes photos taken by users and manipulated using the built-in interactive lenses, users can simply tap the Facebook icon on the system's touch screen to instantly transmit photos to the user's Facebook profile.

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knox3388d ago

not a big fan of facebook soo this is kinda lame to me, i have one but dont use it at all

infamous_273388d ago

Here We Go!
*Mario theme song starts playing*

DlocDaBudSmoka3388d ago

who stole what from whom? did M$ steal tha facebook idea from nintendo or the other way around? perhaps M$ came with the idea, and the big N actually implemented it. anyway, let the spin commence.

Knghtz3388d ago

I think both companies announced it at this year's E3. Beyond that I couldn't tell you. I will definitely be using DSi's version much more often (if at all) solely due to convenience.

N4G king3388d ago

you see xboxfans
the facebook that you all hyped up about
is even going to the DSi
the DS and that a handheld
will get what a console get

while the real consoles
get the HOLE INTERNET in it

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