Hive Rise: Free-to-Play MMO RTS Opens Doors to Public

Jason Evangelho writes:

"After over 4 million matches in its beta phase, Hive Rise opens its gates to the public. And I do mean public! Billed as an RTS:MMOG (Real Time Strategy Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Phew!) Hive Rise plays like a fast-paced Command & Conquer with maps supporting up to 1000 human players, downloadable replays, stat-tracking, 12 modes of play, and a host of other features."

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shadowdancer3417d ago

but I was kinda hooked after a few minutes. Cool timewaster...

killyourfm3416d ago

This damn game is the reason I got 4 hours sleep last night. Installed it after doing the writeup - it IS addicting, but you'll need to be all juiced up on caffeine to keep up!

-Mezzo-3416d ago

Agreed this do look ver familiar to C&C.

reluctant_gamer3416d ago

until i got my butt spanked in less than 30 seconds...

Raf1k13416d ago

Sounds cool. I'm gona give this game a shot.

Panthers3416d ago

An MMO RTS? I have to try this.

DeadlyFire3415d ago

EndWar is also a MMO RTS. :)