The Most 'Intresting' Game Commercials

"Everyone can make some rubbish bog the mill trailer for a video game, heck check youtube and you will find thousands of fan made trailers; however these studios decided it was worth being creative with their adverts, and as a result they are some of the most interesting adverts of all time!"

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qface643415d ago

the old ps2 ratchet commercials im not that big a fan of the games but those commercials were just the best

FreeMonk3415d ago

They chose the wrong Zelda commercial.

They should of picked the Super Famicom 'Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past' Japanese commerical.

It's just plain weird with the 'Thriller' sort of rip-off thing going on!

farsided3415d ago

in a totally cheesy 80's kind of way.

Chrisny853415d ago

wow i remember that game gear commercial, i loved that system but batteries died so quick.

RockmanII73415d ago

You beat me to the punch. I was going to say the same thing the second I saw that video missing.

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The Obvious3415d ago

Some videos are interesting.

Qhaud3415d ago

i have been knowing the zelda video before (really weird thing^^). The other Videos are also at least a little bit "weird" but they are awesome. Good Job.

Wayward3415d ago

Very Weird Videos! Went through so many dull ones to find these though!

-Mezzo-3415d ago

Some are good but mostly aren't that good ones.

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