Gamers Against Violence Next Week

This May 5th kicks off the Gamers Against Violence Week, featuring two large events for gamers to protest violence, the misconception that games cause violence, and raise money for the families of the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings.

On May 5th, gamers on the East Coast can make their way to Bryant Park to join Empire Arcadia and JC Media for what the organizers are billing as "the first ever gamers peace rally" in New York City.

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Dukester1014190d ago

this will probably piss all those politicians (republicans AND democrats alike) that think/ want to blame gaming for violence in America (and beyond)... especially people like jack thomson

games dont cause the violence, only people that are already a few eggs short of a basket do... just because they think it's ok, or they're really, really f'd up

bigmack4190d ago

no-matter what they do or say, videogame violence will never stop.