Why Miyamoto is Wrong About Digital Distribution

Slashgamer Writes: "Until the Wii was release to the masses, Nintendo was having a hard time trying to convince the public to accept their consoles into their homes. Sure, the NES and the Super Nintendo were smash hits and the Japanese-based company was riding high, but once the Nintendo 64 hit the market - that all changed. The first time in the company's history, they were no longer the current sales leader for consoles sold in a particular generation, thanks to the Sony PlayStation. Sony went on to sell 102 million systems worldwide, a record at the time. Nintendo, who released the N64 to compete with the original PlayStation, lagged behind with a little under 33 million sold total, even though it was marketed as a 'more' powerful system.

There was one sole key reason that marked the first time Nintendo would lose a 'console war,' and that was their inability to adapt to a new media."

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qface643362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

how is he wrong?
they make it sound like what he said is fact its just his opinion and i happen to agree with his opinion

while i use downloads for 1 thing or another
i will always support physical media over all

at the end it sounded like physical media was gonna be gone for good
even if digital downloads are the future physical media isn't going anywhere

dib8rman3362d ago

That the game industry must have digital distribution succeed or else. Sony was already kicked in the arse by it so now they have positioned themselves to spear head it also but Sony isn't alone with that. =P

So it only makes sense that Miyamoto is wrong ~ if your in the games industry.

In real history though, music CD's have content that isn't viewed as a whole instead the values change from point to point, which means that someones subjective decision will always say. "I don't want that other stuff" and so digital distribution works fine at destroying the music CD format.

However similarly to movies; games don't suffer from separated content. So while parts of the game may suck it's still one game and worst it's not portable. Digital distribution can't work because 1 game is easy to own if the consumer intended to own it.

Reality is though that DD is just another DRM effort that the industry is pushing, but the push is only noticeable because consumers are rejecting it.

Mini Mario3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

"The combination of CD and games were around long before the PlayStation. Sony wasn’t innovative — but they were smart."

Ahh Nintendo was making a CD based system (with sony). It was called the Play Station. Then sony wanted rights for making nintendo franchises like they pulled the plug. They then went to philips (to make a CD expansion) and pulled the plug because the sega cd failed.

It took quite a few years for sonys psOne to build a good library, until FF 7 hit then booom. All over. So really nintendo were quite close to making something with a cd. I guess thats why the n64 arrived so late in the first place (like 2 years after the psOne).

And why is the guy going on about the wii remote?? Wasnt this article about what nintendo uses for their mediums (ie cd, dvd). And on that subject doesnt the ps3 use blu ray? I mean it can hold like 50gig on a disc while nitendo are still using why isnt it selling through the roof for the ps3? Because that's what the article is about..not about the controller. (which he seemed to go on a bit about in the last few parts)

akashifire3362d ago

Miyamoto's a fan of physical things. Remember when he said that video consoles require a controller (I guess in response to what he thought of Natal)? Same thing.

He likes things he could see, touch, use, whatever.

Redempteur3362d ago

because all radical changes are not necessary good.

As for the controller , they ( nintendo and sony ) said that they must have a feeling in your hand . a opinion i personnaly share .. How can you control correctly whan you don't feel ( touch ) anything ? That what he was saying .

As for the digital distribution, the question of the price SHOULD NOT be the main factor when buying since you don't own anything .. People like to own things not just borrow them for a limited time

penguinhunter3362d ago

His opinion is a prediction, which can be wrong or right. Only time can tell.

KionicWarlord2223362d ago

DD ftw .

It`s Mr . Miyamoto`s opinion .

It all depends on the person .

Nihilism3362d ago

i don't care what's trendy in the future, i like physical games and if it comes down to some games being released by digital only then i will go without those games, because personally I feel that you don't own it with download only, and there are a number of reasons why ( servers shutting down, ridiculous license agreements ( such as being permanently banned from playing a game if conditions are breached ( and seeing as how square-enix is banning legit players from selling items to certain merchants in ffX1)), i can imagine it would be easy to do

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