Microsoft facing an uncertain future

However, if growth is so much a part of the company's DNA, what happens when it disappears?

Users of the Mini-Microsoft blog ( - a site run by an anonymous Microsoft manager that has become a chatboard for employees to discuss the company without divulging their identity - generally agreed that it was seriously bad news.

"I'm glad I got laid off in January," said one user. "I see clearly now that Microsoft has truly jumped the shark and is a company in a long, slow decline."

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Xwow20083390d ago

Work soldier, our tactics are destroying MS.
the day MS decided 2 face sony its the day when they dig their own hole.

El Botto3390d ago

Sony is not MSs only competitor.

In fact, MS is facing a huge number of competitors from Samsung, Google, Apple, Sony, Toshiba and more.

MS is losing in every area. And Windows 7 will not help MS anymore because Google OS is coming.

ShabzS3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

like the article says their size could be their biggest strength ... they had 60 Biliion $ in revenue this year which is a decline from the previous year for the first time in 34 yrs ... and balmer is right .... they have windows 7, the new office tools and with bing and the new yahoo buyout ... they are expanding like crazy...

KionicWarlord2223390d ago


Windows 7 will be great .

Personally im looking forward to the zune hd .


jessehaysfl3390d ago


We shall see....

gaffyh3390d ago

MS will be fine, but it is worrying that they are spending so much on acquisitions at such a volatile time. Windows 7 will be successful as far as all the first impressions are saying.

MEsoJD3390d ago

Windows 7(is just pure awesome) and Zune HD(looks awesome)

I don't like the 360 that much but that doesn't make me hate the company as a whole.

They still do some things right.

D4RkNIKON3390d ago

Yeah MS will be fine, they will still sling money around like they do. They buy companies like Yahoo! and 3DV (Natal). When MS runs out of money and can no longer buy innovation or buy the competition outright then they are doomed.

IdleLeeSiuLung3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Now is among the best time to buy companies. Why? It is simple, because economy is not doing so well so the books don't look as good among other things reducing it's value proposition to potential buyers.

This is the smartest a company can do right now is to buy their own stock (assuming it is a good deal) and buy other companies if you can afford it without risking your own company. MS is so full of cash it is still giving dividends to shareholders.

Dividends in my opinion is among the worst payback to shareholders, because it is taxed and limits the company's ability to invest into new businesses.

darthv723390d ago

They are certain to have good days and bad days. They are certain to sell more 360's and games. They are certain to invest more time and $$ into their venture of digital distribution. They are certain to hire and fire as they see fit.

Certainly there is more to be certain about.

umair_s513389d ago

Funy thing: 'Microsoft had been planning for the downturn, said Warren Wilson, a senior analyst with Ovum.'

Ovum!? lol. Well its actually a telecoms and software Consultant.

Omegasyde3389d ago

I think Microsoft is exanding too much in such a short time, I also believe Google will make the same mistake.

Balmer is taking too many risks, and seriosly why lay off people when your company is still making profits and its debt-asset ratio is still in the black??

Narutone663389d ago

is not safe from going bankrupt. Mismanagement and bad decisions led Enron to it's downfall.

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jessehaysfl3390d ago

wow so disgruntled employees think thier former employer will fail.

Sounds like sour grapes.

Granted I would love it if M$ failed but this is just nonsense.

NEWSFLASH: SONY and MS aren't going anywhere. No matter what happens in one hundred years from now if humans still exists so will MS and Sony.

Captain Tuttle3390d ago

Ma Bell, US Steel, AOL. I agree that MS isn't going anywhere for awhile but I doubt they'll be around in 100 years.


My uncle got laid off. He doesnt hate them he likes them he would like to work for them again + they offered him work in the US but well they didnt want to move to the US and A but stay here in Sweden. Its to bad hes not working at microsoft anymore tough becuse I got my xbox 360 + over like 30 games from them.

jessehaysfl3390d ago

I hear you tuttle the only difference is those companies had nowhere near the capital sony and MS do.

However I was really just shooting for a ballpark so point well taken.

dcbronco3389d ago

You didn't see the last quarterly from Sony did you? Or any in the last couple of years. Sony doesn't have a lot of money. They are not like Microsoft. Microsoft has billions laying around. And while Sony has billions on hand, they owe 3 times what they have.

But getting to the main article, this is just another in the drive down the stock price game. For the last week or so, articles have been released to drive the stock price down so that "analyst"(read:crook s) can have their family, friends and congressmen buy it cheap. Once Windows 7, Zune HD and the Yahoo deal payoff they push it again and the stock goes up at which point the people they know sell. Don't make them more rich than they already are. Let them live off of their bailout bonus money. Stay away from the stock market.

Omegasyde3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

If Microsoft has billions to use, then why did they lay off "thousands"?

You never know, Microsoft could be like Enron and use smoke and mirrors as accounting practices. Not saying its true, but it a company is still making profits yet it eliminating people, something has got to be up.

I am sort of pissed that US companies are randomly laying off despite the company still making suitable profits.

The Lazy One3389d ago

cuz we're in a recession.

what kind of dumb question is that...

Omegasyde3389d ago

O so its a recession so everyone needs to lay off? I'll put it simple for you since you do not understand.



jessehaysfl3389d ago

bronco I have....

Sony is losing profit not capital.

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ShabzS3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

hmm ... or they could be just pissed of ex employees looking to vent out

Kushan3390d ago

"The announcement marked the first time in its 34 years Microsoft had seen its business shrink from one year to the next."

Yeah, the first and ONLY time this has happened in 34 years, during a bloody recession, and people are claiming that the company is doomed and destined for failure? Uhh, if this happens 2 or 3 years in a row, particularly during a recovering economy, start asking questions why.
But lets face it, one of their biggest money makers is Windows, but the last few years Vista has been getting an absolute hammering from people (sometimes legitimately, often not, but it still all adds up) however they're on the verge of Launching Windows 7 which has, aside from the odd naysayer, had almost universal critical acclaim. It doesn't matter what you personally think about either OS, the general consensus will rule the day and that consensus is telling us that 7 is going to fly off the shelves.

Doomed indeed.

MovieScouse0073390d ago

I agree with everything you say apart from your assessment of Vista.
Vista is truly awful, there is virtually nothing on it that works as well as XP.
It's slow, a memory hogger, a resource hogger, DirectX 10 is rubbish and there are hardly any drivers that work with it!
Vista is rubbish! I will reserve judgement on Windows 7 until I've seen it in action.
But you're right about Micro$oft's profits only being affected by the recession. Panic and overstatement are the predilections of the children that make up the vast majority of visitors to this site!

Kushan3390d ago

See the problem is, when vista launched it WAS a mess. But that was (literally) years ago and quite a lot has changed since then. For example, Drivers are not really an issue these days, unless you have particularly old hardware from a particularly poor manufacturer. And in actual fact, a very little known fact, Vista can actually use XP-based drivers. Yes, it's true, you don't necessarily NEED a "vista" based driver for Vista, although it will be a lot better if you had one.
7 is very similar to Vista, in that not that much code has changed between the two, especially compared to what changed between XP and Vista, but as I'm sure you've noticed, the press have been lapping it up and singing its praises. 7 isn't a huge leap forward from where Vista is today, I bet if you tried 7 you'd probably really like it, but then if you tried Vista (With SP2), you'd probably find that the experience was much different to your previous experience.
Either way, Vista's successes and failures don't really matter, we all know that 7 is going to be big big big, even if you hate windows and think 7 is rubbish, it's very difficult to deny that fact.

N4g_null3390d ago

Kushan is right... I reinstalled vista 64 ultimate so my brother could use my PC because I'm going out of town really soonish. Well any way during the reinstall and the march up to service pack 2 I had blue screens and every thing LOL. Yet once service pack 2 was installed it worked like a charm. I have a lot of stuff hooked up to this PC now and all of my brother sound equipment. Lots of it is old yet still top notch.

I had a feeling window 7 would rock. What is sad is how the PC manufactures contributed to the whole vista problem by using old stuff. I built my own PCs and I never really had a problem till I hooked up some really old and expensive sound gear to my box.

I've been running solid since the thing came out. Another thing is you might want to stay away from the pirated version simply because certain things are taken out. Hey I'm sure some people will say other wise.

Does it really make sense to get software that controls your security from a pirate? Any way I'll be getting window7 when I get back I think I'll upgrade when I get back.

If you got any thing below ultimate then you are playing Russian roulette