Best of Crytek: 446 amazing Screenshots

Best of CryEngine 2 with impressive Shots.

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GEESE3365d ago

Man, to think Wolfenstein 3d led to this.

Syronicus3364d ago

Being a gamer fromt he 80's, these kind of shots make me giddy. I run two GTX 275's in SLI and Crysis makes me cry some times with how awesome the graphics are. We certainly have come a long way.

commodore643364d ago

I am thinking about getting a 275.

But cannot decide between that and a 4890.

which is better?

dirthurts3364d ago

but I have a 4890 and I'm loooooving it. MSI version. The new Cyclone edition is out, which has over 1ghz clock speed. Crazy.

Pandamobile3364d ago

The GTX 275 and 4890 are are almost identical in performance. It's really up to your preference.

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jesuisankit3364d ago

go back in time and show this to a gamer from 90's ... he will die of the sheer awesomeness he sees :D

Boty3364d ago

I'm dieing right now as we speak. Compare these to the old PlayStation One games or sims game. It is truly amazing.

Boty3364d ago

Do you think a GTX 295, an Intel i7 920 with 6 gigs of DDR3 Ram will play Crysis? Need some of your opinions.

Scudd3364d ago

Yes it will play it beautifully

Enate3364d ago

Your future rig sounds like the one I just built but mine is with the AMD 955 Black Edition
EVGA GTX 275 Superclocked
4gbs of DDR3 1600mhz ram(I'm running xp pro sp3 that's all I need for now I can go to 8 or more if I need it eventually.
1tb Baracudda hard drive
Sony Opteric 24x DVD/CD Burning

tomdrum63364d ago

this is why crysis is stil lthe best looking game we've seen to date. consoles cant touch it.

Enate3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Consoles can't touch it yet, maybe it will take next gen to happen but it will happen. I've got a nice PC but I also have a PS3 an with optimization an the tricks that devs learn they continue to close to gap day by day. Not to mention as pretty as Crysis is we are gamers an I doubt you wanna play one game for the rest of its duration as the best looking game to date graphically. Games like God of War III, Uncharted 2 and GT5 are good examples PC PS3 combo FTW.

kaveti66163364d ago

Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 have absolutely nothing on Crysis. Sorry, they're wonderful looking games. The best looking on consoles, but when you compare it to Crysis you realize why PC is always the winner. More power, more RAM, better graphics cards, better computing power. Consoles cannot match PCs because consoles are closed-box and only take advantage of current gen tech. PCs are open-boxed, customizable, and always grow in power. They don't run on 5 year old tech if the owner doesn't want it to.

christian hour3364d ago

Wish I had a powerful brick sh*t house of a pc so I could even just run this game on its lowest settings... Think thats my next goal... Buy an awesome pc that will NEVER go out of date... until 2 weeks later when an even better one comes out.

Is it worth the effort of buying all the parts yourself and building one? Or does it cost about the same to jsut get one custom built from somewhere? (avoiding dell and major PC retailers)

Enate3364d ago

It all depends on the deals going on, I built mine an put it all together. An I made my brother buy his from cyberpower because I didn't wanna go through all the tweaks to get his up an running. With sales going on for the both of us its turning out to cost about the same except he is getting the GTX 285 FTW edition. I do agree with you on the fact that it feels like as soon as you buy something in the pc market something better is out the next day or atleast on sale. I finally put my foot down an decided I gotta buy sometime an went for the best bang for the buck products along side performance an expandabilty.

PS360PCROCKS3364d ago

I know that's my goal as well. As for "never going out of date" that's impossible. Only advice I have is get the newest and latest stuff so it lasts you longer if your so worried. Lol i7 quad core, Quad SLI and 16Gb of ram, lol that'd be sick if I had the money. I would do it just to say I did it.

TABSF3364d ago

it really does not cost that much to run crysis at high setting

4GB of RAM would great but anything over 2GB will do
Intel core 2 Duo E5200 £45 will be great plus overclocking

when it comes to graphics ATI are the best price vs performance but are behind Nvidia in out right performance.

but saying that out of these 4 cards 4870 is the best. 1GB version gives you about 5 FPS more give or take.

ATI HD 4770 £70
ATI HD 4870 £110
Nvidia 9800 GT about £75 - £100
Nvidia GTX 260, 216 cores for about £130

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