Borderlands: PC version with crispest image possible

PC games Hardware got an interview with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford. Accordingly the versions for PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC share most of the game code, but are optimized for the advantages of the individual platforms. On high-end PCs the game is said to have the "crispest image possible".

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3361d ago
Ellessdee3361d ago

the graphics seem like they wouldnt bennefit from pc's graphical capabilitys like most other games. maybe sharper outlines? =P

idk. i think ill probably buy this one on PS3 so i can play co-op with my cousin. if he gets it that is. if not, then i guess pc version will be waiting for me.

kaveti66163360d ago

Yeah, since the game is cel-shaded, I don't see why the PC version would be much better. I think I might get a headache from playing this game. I lack the ability to see depth in cel-shaded scenery.