10 Games You'll Be Playing By 2012

The gaming industry is in a constant state of evolution and changing. You can't know anything for sure until it's on your hard-drive and you're playing with it. But, some things are just too obvious sometimes, like say, the games of tomorrow. Here's 10 games you'll be playing by 2012, although there is no official data about them or even rumors. Just common sense, really.

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Myst3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

I'd say Final Fantasy XIV may still be very popular I mean look at 11. Not to mention if by some slim chance we do actually get it, Monster Hunter Frontier at least I'd continue playing it as long as their are updates.

Actually I think I just misread the whole purpose of this article, is it wild speculation as to what games are going to be coming out in the midst of 2012 that people are going to be playing? If so I hope we will have quite a few unique games.

Tripl3seis3364d ago

I will be playing mw2 for a long time and final fantasy 14 aswell.

Nelson M3364d ago

Is he talkin about Conviction