A closer look at PlayStation Eye

The PlayStation Eye, a camera peripheral announced for PS3, was announced earlier this week. Here's a summary of everything we've learnt about this little gem.

The Eye isn't capable of streaming HD video. It can display a resolution of up to 640 x 480 to 60 fps and 320 x 240 at 120 fps (perfect for picture-in-picture). It may seem strange for Sony to take this route as they have been heavily touting this as the "High Definition" generation, but it must be noted that an HD PS Eye would probably be twice as expensive and unreliable when playing anything online. At least it can take HD stills.

A completely new part of the PS Eye is its microphone, which Sony mentioned is apparently quite capable of accurate speech recognition. Anyone remember Eyedentify from E3 '05? Yeah, so do we.

The Eye is bundled with EyeCreate editing software, which allows users to save and edit photos, videos, and audio clips. According to 1UP, you can even play around with special effects such as time lapse and slow-motion, which brings up the next point.

Think about how the PS Eye could be incorporated into PlayStation Home. Expect to see a part of Home solely dedicated to sharing pictures and videos with other Home users. Imagine a YouTube-like community right on your TV, with a better presentation. We're digging the idea too.

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Scrumptious4192d ago

This was Sony's chance to one-up vision, and they did not. Sony should not get into the multimedia content, leave that to microsoft. Besides, Home is going to be a spectacular flop and a waste of millions.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4192d ago

Vision camera sux.
I had it.
i didn`t even use it after 1 week.
w/ home........
honestly it sounds like your afraid of it.

jealously is not your friend.

Amplifier4192d ago

I will enjoy the new addition to my PS3 and well if you reach just 1 person...


warfed4192d ago

blew it? lmao you can't compare an eyetoy to a webcam... and leave multimedia to MS? no thanks i have higher standards

weekapaugh4192d ago

"Home is going to be a spectacular flop and a waste of millions."

whoa dude, you can foresee the future. what stocks should I'd be buying at the opening bell tomorrow morning?

Blackmoses4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

don't worry about him fellas, he's on his third 360 after telling me he never had a problem with it and that he's had it since launch. After the recent "rings of death" he went out and bought a PS3. Trying to say he's un-biased....yeah right we all know the real reason you bought one, and it was not for the BLU-RAY!!!!
By the way when is Microsoft sending your new system back? Tomorrow? Well good luck my friend, hope all goes well this time around........

I'm not surprised to hear it doesn't record HD video. Anyone take a look at how much the HD camcorders are running? Do you seriously think SONY would be able to make one and make it affordable all at the same time? I think not. So to expect that was foolish to begin with.
It looks cool though, could've made that mic a little smaller.

Scrumptious4191d ago

Hey, we all have our opinions. Sony had a chance to one-up MS, but the eye toy has the same specs. That's all I'm saying. Both let you mess with the video feed with filters and special effects. A while ago there was rumors of extra features, such as infrared sensing for accurate motion and depth recognition. What happened there? So if the sales for the PS2 eye toy are any indication, only a small percentage of users actually purchased and use one. Why is everyone so emotional over something you most likely will not purchase?

As for multimedia, this is MS territory, and superior on the 360. I stream my media from my pc, can the PS3 do this out of the box? No. That's my opinion and you all are entitled to your own, so stop taking me bubbles!

As for Home, I am sure most of us will try it out, because it's free. But how many of you will actually "socialize" on Home? Sony needs to worry about content on the PS store first. An online experience for gamers should be built around the games, as the 360 does. Home looks like a glorified SIMs meets Myspace.

Blackmoses, yes my 360 should be back today. It will sit pretty right next to my PS2 Blu-Ray edition. Stop using me in your fanboy crusade, or you will not be welcome at my birthday party.

I should tell all these good people about your stellar Guitar Hero 2 skills. Sandro and I were just talking about that this morning. How many times did you get boo'd off stage? You'll always be my hero!

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Lord Anubis4192d ago

Good one warfed. you get positive feed back from me.
I like what sony has done with the camera. Grouper is going to become part of Home and as such the camera plays a big role.

ErcsYou4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

im actually quite excited about this product. it will come with video editing software and hopefully audio too. eye of judgement looks cool to. i wonder if we will have to buy booster packs of cards to play. iv already got my photo printer ready to make the killer deck. the eye toy can also act as a mic so can i throw away my headset?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4192d ago

could be the game to really really get JAPAN.
If it`s a solid game, it`s already sold.

The Panther4192d ago

after buying the vision for xbox360 i will never buy another camera used it once on uno....waste of time.

Ps30074192d ago

As far as Home? Why is this even brought up here? Someones jealous.

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