Bad Company 2: Two gameplay videos from Comic-Con

Nextgamer Writes: "Two new gameplay videos of Battlefield Bad Company 2 from the Comic-Con".

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PinkUni3391d ago

it doesnt look at all like the EXACT SAME THING




and we all know the first one wasn't a pile of crap right guys?

ALL_STAR_283391d ago

Sure does look amazing... I have no Fing clue what PinkUni is talking about.... can't wait for it though

BaSeBaLlKiD7213391d ago

you know, its actually not white sand. its snow...

badz1493391d ago

yet people are saying EA is as bad as activision! BC2 looks gook on that video and although it's a multiplat, I might pick it up just because I enjoy the 1st one so much! nice to see a BF game that is actually improved go against MW2 which is looking pretty much the same as CoD4! DICE FTMFW!!

BattleAxe3391d ago

I loved the first Bad Company and I'm lovin BattleField 1943 :) Looking forward to BC2 and MW2!

somekindofmike3391d ago

@ PinkUni

............................. ............................... ............................... ........................

The first one was pretty awesome, one of my favourite FPS this generation so far, it was a damn good fun game to play.

In my opinion, I prioritise getting this game over MW2, regardless of the price hike by Activision.

Boody-Bandit3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I can't wait for this title either.
BF is my favorite shooter on any console. I played BF:BC more than any other shooter on the consoles. Nothing gives you better immersion of being in an actual battle with all the vehicles and classes it provides.

People that complain about this title and usually into the spray and pray, easy to get kill shooters. BF actually takes thought to survive. I like the new hud and the snow environments look great.

COD4 is so easy to get kills it's not even a challenge. Even spray and pray players (spammers) get tons of kills while playing it. That is why it is so popular. I doubt MW2 will be any different. The people that put down BF titles are just mad because you can't run and gun and expect not to get your head blown off or @ss handed to you.

BTW PinkUni
If you really believe that nonsense you wrote then to us all a favor and quit posting and gaming.

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alster233391d ago

i hope the ps3 version is just as good. they always show fps games on the 360 i really want to see an fps running on the ps3 that isnt exclusive.

somekindofmike3391d ago

Seeing as Bad Company ran perfect on the PS3 (as far as I could see) I see no reason for this one to have issues as it's likely using a similar game engine.

LeonSKennedy4Life3391d ago

and Mirror's Edge actually ran BETTER on the PS3.

I'm doubting there will be problems. These guys really know how to code.

Of course, ME was built for the PS3, then ported to the 360.

BF:BC looked better on 360 for the same reason.

I'm sure it will run fine on both with the 360 having a slight lighting advantage (most likely) and the PS3 having the LAGless advantage...

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Mo0eY3391d ago

Why did the videos have to end? :(

The_Beast3391d ago

this is ganna be pretty danm strong on live,

lmao like they got a choice

shutupandplay3391d ago

Bad Company is still going strong pretty damn strong on LIVE.

Kon_Artist 3391d ago

You bots jump on anything you can get. you havnt gotten anything in months

shutupandplay3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

So? It`s a great game. You losers ditch, (and by ditch I mean, old, boring and stale only on PSN) your new games in 2 weeks.

-Mezzo-3391d ago

Get a game other then HALO please, and then come here.

Sigh3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Bad company 1 was great, hopefully #2 will have more stuff. Loved bad company's single player and cant wait to beat the Legionnaire's ass again! Dude is still alive!

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