New Assassin's Creed Screens

New Assassin's Creed Screens

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TriggerHappy4287d ago

Man look at the screens, they look amazing as hell. Can wait for this game :)

TriggerHappy4287d ago

man but that blue haze effect is weird though.

kingofps34287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

Yeah, its always been blue in all their screenshots. I think it's a bug.

Sevir044287d ago

it's the direction and theme of the Art. just like how Shadow of the collosus had a sepia tone, and how MGS games have traditionally been designed with sepia and greens in the art style direction. and it's also why Resistance has it's own shady hazy like look. It's the choice made conciously by the developers to go that direction in there art and graphics department. So all you people cant say that the ps3 has bad shaders and what it's not and horrible textures because it's colors for games looked washed out. that being said about MGS4 and resistance beause those were are exclusives. this game is a multiplatformer game, (one of the few i'll get this year for that matter), that has been built for both systems. so theres no excuse in saying that. Clearly it can be seens as a direction of art style. which is cool. it separtes itself from all that overly gossy Crap that some of these next gen games try to brush off as real. It's all was good to do stuff like that. it's kinda like that game graphics wise from Panademic that new title which drops next year called sabatour. which uses a sim city like approach to it's graphics. very interesting. i'm so getting this game

techie4286d ago

We've only ever seen one city...there's 4 or 5, and then there's the I'm sure the art direction differs for each and probably has a different pallet.

Nice to see this game is still hot and brings in the crowds

coolfool4286d ago

Although I really can't be bothered to find it, i think in one of the interviews with ubisoft they said that the entire game would be set in the past but jsut some story references to the future.......I could be wrong though..........

Firewire4286d ago

I'm realy getting tired of waiting for this game!
I don't think they should keep teasing like this , soon I will
just abadon this game, as it seems like a hype fest.
Have they ever released a real vid of actual gameplay?
All I ever see is screen shots and a couple CGI vids.

I find games that are hyped this way don't tend to be that good!
I just hope it lives up to the hype!

NewZealander4286d ago

It will be because they r useing ps3 dev kits, once again another game that will look washed out on the ps3, but will hav to wait and see. cant wait for this game to come out and cant wait for ps3 vs 360 comparisions. This game will be the true test to see which machine is more powerful, it will be interesting to see waht version comes out on top.

joemutt4286d ago

They have already been seen from a trailer shown at E3 '05.

We atleast know there will be scenes of the future, not just references, but if they will be playable or not has not been told.

When you die in the game, you wake up in the future on an operating table surrounded by scientists. Thats about all we know.

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wildcat4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

I'm waiting to see more of it in action. The AI and animations of the crowd and the main character is what sold me in the first place. I hope they've improved with that. They still have months to tweak.

tony4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

i'm not impressed by the look of these screens but the gameplay could be fun.

dissectionalrr4287d ago

it looks like the white balance is off. way too cold.

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