Ars Review: Let them eat cake: Fat Princess is a delight

Ars writes: "Fat princess is one of those games that all of us have known about for quite some time and wanted to play simply because it had a great name. Initial previews only made us want to play it more when we found out the premise: it's basically a violent game of Capture the Flag where a princess is the flag, and you make the flag hard to move by feeding it junk food. It sounded like a great premise, and the demo we got to play at GDC this year was a ton of fun. Now, Fat Princess is available to buy on the Playstation Network, and we're happy to say that it's just as much fun to play as we expected."

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-Mezzo-3365d ago

I love Fat Princess, i wan't looking forward to this at all but my girlfriend bought this off the PSN this morning and i have been playing it since.