Color your console with ColorWare

For those who feel they are better interior decorators than Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft; this service is for you. ColorWare will mod your current-gen system for you - so there's no hassle, but there is a price.

For a not so meager $99 they will color your console to your exact specifications, with a scratch resistant coating no less. Or, go the other route and buy one pre-colored from them. They can color your controllers as well if you so wish.

The pre-colored system's prices are as follows (in US dollars):

* PS3: $725
* Xbox 360: $525
* Wii: $375

Keep in mind that if you ship in your already-owned console, it'll take approximately 8 to 10 business days to get it back - an eternity for a hardcore gamer. So all of you unsatisfied with your current console colors, head over to the ColorWare website and check out their offerings.

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Vip3r4191d ago

The black PS3 still looks the best IMO.

Quisp4191d ago

Yeah, well, you havnt seen Hot Pink yet, so...

BBsin4190d ago

I'll get one if they offer satin silver. So my PS2 and PS3 would be the same color, unless they release the multi color PS3's soon.