Homegrown CBHD discs outsell Blu-ray by 3-1 margin in China

The HD format war continues in China. TV Tokyo broke major CBHD news last week, but some of the numbers were lost in translation. It turns out that CBHD doesn't lead BD by 3 percent, as commonly reported, but by a factor of 3, owning 30 percent of the Chinese market.

A Japanese TV station broke a major piece of news on the progress of China Blue High Definition (a China-grown competitor to Blu-ray) in the China market last week, but the English-language technology press, through a translation mistake, misreported the news. It turns out that CBHD penetration in China appears to have hit a staggering 30 percent, in only a few months on the market.

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PirateThom3365d ago

If it ever did come out of China, the BDA studios wouldn't have their movies on it, which will halt uptake anyway.

Elven63365d ago

I doubt it will come out of China, it might move into other Asian regions (India, Vietnam, etc) but I doubt any thing else.

Warner Brothers is supporting the format, if Blu Ray is indeed losing and money is being made I'm sure other studios will jump in as well.

Trollimite3365d ago

what is china blue high defenition? im almost certain that this is no real competion to blu ray

morganfell3364d ago

Anyone care to guess how much it is outselling HD DVD?

commodore643364d ago

Chinese protectionism.

How long will it work?

Elven63364d ago

Wow, 6 disagrees and no reason why, this is why I hate N4G! =/

CBHD essentially is HD DVD but with more security and codec support. For those that remember, when the format war started in the "west", HD DVD was outselling Blu-ray, than Blu Ray made a comeback and the rest is history.

Morganfell, technically, this is HD DVD, about 97% of the specifications are HD DVD, the rest were added security measures.

This has nothing to do with protectionism, infact, Blu Ray has been available in China legally for quite some time. Chinese companies want CBHD to succeed because they don't make much money from DVD or Blu Ray thanks to high licensing fees.

dcbronco3364d ago

You must have been asleep for awhile. HD DVD has been outselling Blu-ray for quite a some time.

Funny that some of the people think this doesn't matter. If they believe that Blu-ray is making such huge inroads on DVD, then they have to believe this is making huge inroads on both. In addition, the Chinese economy is recovering now and they have well over a billion consumers. For a expanding consumer economy that is a huge number.

And don't kid yourselves about the studios either. They will all join anything that makes them money. Just like Warner is considering letting Netflix start using their for streaming. Asia has half the worlds population and most are lower income. India and China alone represent over a third of the worlds population. They will support a cheaper product instead of overpriced Blu-ray in a heartbeat. And the studios will support them if they have the numbers. Most of them supported HD DVD outside of the US, this will be no different.

gaffyh3364d ago

Blu-Ray is doomed...

oh wait it's not...

Oh wait it's doomed again...

But it's not.

Mu5afir3364d ago

The reason it's so popular is because of its lack of protection. The same reason everyone was on the HD-DVD bandwagon. Because the format was vulnerable to being pirated. CBHD will NEVER leave CHINA, since the format uses propitiatory codecs that are copyrighted by the Chinese government. The format is NOTHING more then a glorified multilayerd DVD.

blind-reaper3364d ago

Oh what can I say China love piracy so Im not that surprised...

darthv723364d ago

will these discs work in regular hd-dvd players? This is vcd all over again only this HD!

morganfell3364d ago

Actually it isn't HD DVD. 'Technically' doesn't count. Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

This is like pregnancy. You either are or are not. It either is or is not HD DVD. In this case it isn't.

dcbronco3364d ago

Not talking horseshoes. Toshiba's HD DVD is still sold in a lot of places, just check Amazon or DVDEmpire, and it beats blu-ray in sales on a regular basis. There was an article about it recently.

Bereaver3364d ago

Guys, don't believe this shiz!

I live in China and I've been around to a lot of families homes. I haven't seen a single HD DVD player or movie.

In fact, they may only be comparing HK. Nobody buys real DVD's here anyway. And I went out looking yesterday for CBHD movies and I couldn't find any.

HD DVD will never be successful. And btw..... secretly.... the uhh... blu ray movies are much cheaper to make now.... kind of like pearls.....

wipeout20003364d ago

Since when have Chinese people paid for non pirated movies??

dcbronco3364d ago

But they believe Blu-ray is selling well. Even though everything about Blu-ray sales is based on statistics and not sales numbers. On top of that, the Blu-ray information is coming from US sources. In between news on Michael Jackson and Jon and Kate. The US media has made it clear they can't be trusted. I take everything from the vast majority of them with a grain of salt. Watch news from another country if you want closer to the truth.

They told you the economy was fine too. Keep trusting them.


Tell me how much Blu-ray you see being sold.

SiLeNt KNighT3364d ago

Actually i looked it up..CBHD is used mainly for pirating. the best part is most people using CBHD are burning movies to play on their bluray players. its a cheaper alternative to blank blu ray discs. this is actually going to boost bluray sales in the long run.

Bereaver3363d ago

If you go to Xujiahui, the electronics super area, you can find blu ray movies for sell. I'm not saying I've seen anyone buying them..... because I'm not gonna sit and wait for someone, but they are there.

And if you really wanted to compare sells, it will be like bluray+CBHD combined at a 1:5000 ratio with regular fake dvd's.

mebob3363d ago

Yer and how many percent of Chinese people actually buy real copies of CBHD or any HD media for that fact? 3:1 ratio might seem high but if only a couple of thousands or tens of thousand CBHD was ever sold, it dosen't really mean much.....

"It's funny people don't believe this is true.
But they believe Blu-ray is selling well."

Dude wtf are arguing about? You really think this unheard format is really out selling Blu ray in world scale?

Fact: Blu ray is the only psychically available HD media that is avialble all around the world.

Your just another Butthurt fanboy, if not a 360 one then a HD-DVD one. You need to pull your head out of who's ever ass its in and get with the fact that the Superior format Won and your format was dropped faster than a sack of potatoes....

Gamertags3363d ago

is already very massive and putting BluRay to least, in that part of the country. Now that Warner is supporting it maybe it will continue to grow.

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mrblacknut3365d ago

Can someone tell me why any of us would care? What does this have to do with gaming on any of the consoles? How does this affect the rest of the world exactly?

Elven63365d ago

It won't impact us much if at all but it is tech related, it will however extend the life of physical media over digital distribution which for HD/physical media lovers like me isn't so bad.

Godmars2903364d ago

In China/Asia. Meanwhile in the West physical media's will probably depend on how long studios will continue using "extras" such as deleted scenes and making of as reasons to buy discs, but more importantly the availability of the internet to consumers. Of which most of the US doesn't have.

Elven63364d ago

They did a study a few weeks ago that basically said internet users in China have outgrown the entire US population. It will also depend on how this effects piracy in the region, can costs really get to a point where people just go legit? Similar things happened in NA with music, a song for $0.99 encourage more people to go legit.

That being said, it will be interesting to see physical media's use for film distribution outside of discs, i.e, flash drives.

mebob3363d ago

lol, Digital download will get no were in china, Even when it dose go mainstream most chines will just get it off a torrent site or find a way to pirate it. Even at that kind of a cost people in china would rather get it for free either off the internet or off a close realtive with a pirated copy..

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sephy 9 2 53365d ago

out of those 100 titles how many are from major studios? Who's going to support them if they go overseas?

Elven63365d ago

Warner Brothers is the only Hollywood studio, a bunch of local movie studio who own the rights for distributing not only their own films but western films as well.

Basically what ever Warner Brothers is releasing on Blu Ray is available on CBHD from what I have seen.

I doubt they will go overseas, probably into neighboring territories. Studios who support CBHD in China will support it in other nations if they ever decided to move.

Darkseider3365d ago

I can just imagine the advertising in China...

"Buy CBHD for the ultimate in HD experience. Buy a Blu-Ray and we'll run you over with tanks."

lloyd_wonder3365d ago

I think we're missing a bit of information. Like why? Is it disc cost only?

DelbertGrady3364d ago

What we are missing is that it's funded by the Chinese government and being forced upon consumers. Kinda like how they decide what webpages you are allowed to visit they also decide what kind of disc formats you are allowed to buy.

Elven63364d ago

The article says cost and improved picture quality over DVD, if Blu Ray was cheaper it would get a whole lot more interesting.

It's not funded by the Chinese government, it is supported by them because it reduces licensing fees paid to foreign companies. The Chinese government has supported nearly 20 formats this decade because the creators promised lower licensing fees over DVD, Blu Ray, etc.

If the government really wanted to get involved they would ban Blu Ray, and tell all the Blu Ray companies manufacturing stuff (Blu Ray stuff sold in the west that is) to get out. But it makes them money so they wouldn't do that.