Service allows you to watch Hulu, Netflix and Youtube content on your console.

Already available on Xbox 360 and PS3, PlayOn aims to bring video content from Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, CNN and a host of other sources streaming to your console of choice, and the latest version of the PC software posted to MediaMail's Web site includes a beta version for Wii support. The video quality is lower than on the HD consoles, says the developers, which frankly is to be expected.

Please try it out and let us know how it works, passing along any bugs you find by submitting a support request through the PlayOn Settings Manager. You can download the release from here: http://www.themediamall.com/playon/download/

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Raoh5462d ago

I've been using playon for about a year.. love it too...

and now developers are adding user generated content like podcasts, web site streams etc..

Arthur_5462d ago

You should try it, man. I think you would like it.

antt35462d ago

Yeah, I've also been using this since the beta. It's awesome. I watch hulu and netflix streaming movies on my PS3 more than I watch regular TV these days.

Does Tversity stream netflix and hulu? I thought it was mostly podcasts/webcasts and media on your computer?

Arthur_5462d ago (Edited 5462d ago )

I know youtube vids work.
I have Netflix on the 360, so I haven't bothered with it on PlayOn.
Tversity will transcode things for you, and thats a plus for image quality. :)

PS: they also have the largest library of codecs.

BenCrazy4245462d ago

Tversity can play hulu videos but you have to have a good internet connection otherwise it plays badly. I use it mostly for videocasts and a way to save avi videos on the ps3 since it has it's own codecs so it can play on the ps3, than after the movie I just hit copy and i got the dvd on my ps3.

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IdleLeeSiuLung5462d ago

I still have to leave my computer on. In the summer, that equals to a 60-100W heater in my small room when the outside can go as high as 110F.

Why aren't these things just implemented straight into the console?

jkoz5462d ago

"Come on." Really? I'm glad that's not a concern to you, but not everyone is as privileged as you. Looking at the big picture in 2009, yes that can be and is still a problem. My PC generates a ridiculous amount of heat and my room is always much hotter than the rest of our apartment. Without air conditioning, there's plenty reason to limit how long my PC is on. Open your eyes.

ChozenWoan5462d ago

The consoles this gen put out a lot of heat on thier own, add in that of the comp and a room can get hot pretty fast without adequate AC.

Also, with the ability to connect your PC right up to your HDtv, why use PlayOn to stream content to your console. I'd rather watch content on one while gaming or working on the other using Picture In Picture to enjoy both at once. If I'm streaming from my comp, that's taking up bandwidth and CPU cycles that I could use to be doing something else if all I'm doing is watching a video from my console.

Ohh well, there are plenty of other sites still streaming free content directly to my console, so I'm going to let Hulu do what they do.

Syronicus5462d ago

My PC never gets turned off in fact. The solution to the heat... Open a window. I have no AC but just run a window fan to keep the heat down. I live in Michigan and for the summer, a window fan helps greatly.

Raoh5462d ago

just like Syronicus i keep mine on all the time. i restart once in a while for upgrades and maintanance but other than that i'm also always downloading torrents all day.

technically you can put the pc in a closet or anywhere you want. For me the convenience is that i watch anything at anytime on my ps3 or 360 from any room in the house.

the connection to the tv isnt always a great connection. some video cards just dont display well and lets face at times running video in full screen at high settings can choke your computer. running off the console is a much better solution.

with playon i can be in the living room on the ps3 watching netflix and my son could be in his room with the 360 watching hulu at the same time.

as for heat i have ceiling fans every where and i havent put up our air conditioners this year yet. But you also spike your electricy and bring down the life expectancy of a computer or device by constantly shutting it down and turning it own. tell you the truth the only thing in my house that generated heat was my original 360 and i have one of the newer ones now so thats even less heat in my house.

and the reason it's not implemented onto the consoles is cause its about partnership deals and counter interests.

why cant itunes broadcast to my ps3 and 360? doesnt matter i use connect360 for the 360 and medialink for the ps3. problem solved, i let microsoft, apple and sony figure out the rest.

N4g_null5462d ago

The heat problem is solved by getting better components. I use to have heat problems and I just research the chips I buy and don't over clock too much. I think I have about 4 PCs in my house and two are never turned off. My most high end PC is my work station and it never is turned off. It a quad system with about 8-16 gigs of ram with a 200 level GPU in it.

Most stuff you can get right now does not have that problem. GPU can still kick out a lot of heat yet only if you are doing some thing that is really stressing the 3d parts.

Better yet go and get a laptop for $400 you can get a core 2 duo with about 4 gigs of ram.

IdleLeeSiuLung5462d ago (Edited 5462d ago )

Did you notice that I said my temperature outside goes up to 110F. This means opening the Window is like opening an oven.

I'm assuming you mean low powered components. That is somewhat of a reliever, but not a solution. My AMD setup that has a CPU with Thermal Envelope of 65W still consumes on average around 80W. My C2D E8500 setup consumes 120W on average. All that heat goes into my small room. All the components are high grade parts that is custom built. I usually use nForce boards and nvidia graphcis card (the graphics card only have heatsinks).


Now even just turning my 40" TV on and playing my Xbox or PS3, I can feel the room get hotter after a short while. Turning on the PC makes it a little toastier. I guess I can yank up AC, but now we open up another whole can of worms.

Enough of my ranting!!! Bottom line, they should just all partner up add to the console and call it the day!

y0haN5461d ago

My PS3 cooks my room more than my PC.

N4g_null5461d ago

IdleLeeSiuLung you may want to look at your ventilation. Change your room around so that the vents are completely unblocked and make sure you changed your air filter. If you don't have AC then there is not much I can tell you other than put your PC in a bigger room so that it takes longer for it to fill the room with heat.

Also the winter is coming save some money up by using your systems as heat LOL. I did it while in college and it lead to me being addicted to quake 3 LOL.

Also don't run any high end screen savers. If they render using open GL then they will keep your GPU hot.

Also let your PC hibernate more. It's weird but I hardly have any heat coming out of my intel set up right now Oh and make sure the dust is off of your heat sink, hell I think that may even help consoles. All of that dust causes the heat sink to get hotter quicker.

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hakis865462d ago

I can't even watch Hulu on my PC

Godmars2905462d ago

PLayon streams from your PC to your console, so anything blocked on your PC will be blocked on your console.

john of the dead5462d ago

I realize that you can hook up a pc to an hdtv now but playon streams through my whole house. Play on also has plugin support so you can actually increase the amount of stream sources including gametrailers, south park studios, spike tv and others.