Gamer Limit Interview:'s Jim Sterling

Gamer Limit writes "Jim Sterling: ... There are so many "top 10 videogame babes" articles out there, which is why I parodied them by describing sexual intercourse with things like Kirby and Tingle. It's all about having a unique idea that sets a good top 10 apart from a bad top 10.

People who claim that top 10s are lazy tend to be people who just have lazy ideas for them."

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chrisjc3391d ago

Oh that crazy "journalist" :p

JQ3391d ago

Interesting interview, though. I like his take on top 10's.

AcesAndEights3391d ago

sex with kirby? This man scares me in more ways than I can describe.

Mo0eY3391d ago

Imagine Kirby's sucking ability.

StartWars3391d ago

Really insightful interview there!

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The story is too old to be commented.