The Elite is out and seems readily available

Happy Elite release day! This is a fairly odd happening in the world of gaming: an updated console coming out around a year and a half after the first version. All consoles go through revisions, but hardware with more storage and added connection options?

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4187d ago

i doesn`t look like the elite is doing that well.
this is early stuff, but still.........
it`s all negative.
but who knows the next few days will clear alot up.

PS360PCROCKS4187d ago

who keeps approving this sh*t? It's like the same article over and over again, jeez

btkadams4187d ago

"noticed no one else in line"

m$ just doesnt get that no one wanted the elite. people want the hdd but could care less about a black case.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

They will do anything to keep the attention off the success of the 360 and the failure of the PS3. They will say and do anything because there in third and this is one highly competitive business. So get use to seeing a lot of this sh!t on N4G because Sony fans are out in troves to try and spin whatever they can, as if repeating the same thing over and over will help there monstrosity of a console. “360 has high failure rate don’t buy it” Hasn’t worked in over a year and a half and its not working now (people are still buying the 360 more than the PS3) Xbox’s real competition this round is Nintendo, Sony lost before coming out of the gate.

LoydX-mas Yeah I'm a lefty lol, not a far left tree hugger pacifist though. Republicans do support the second amendment and I agree with that.

LoydX-mas4187d ago

We definitely agree on one thing, this is about Sony fans trying to make themselves feel better because no matter what they do or say the Elite will only make the number of 360 sales go up.

Oh yeah that means more than what they are already selling above the PS3.

The Real Joker4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Its the other way around. The 360 is on the right and the PS3 is on the left. ofcourse I can say that because I am more of a republican and I love my 360. Dam devs and their PS3s!

IBLEEDBLU4187d ago

this is for jason & his bed buddy xmas

which is a more reliable system

xbox360 or the PS3

simple question - all i need from u is xbox360 or PS3 nothing more

and if u pick the xbox360 please provide FACTS on how that is

please prove me wrong

JasonPC360PS3Wii4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

"please prove me wrong ok" (10 million sold and 6 million gold live members as reported here on N4G months ago)<---Proof

edit: Wich one is more reliable? Nintendo even though you didn't offer the choice the Wii is more reliable than any next gen console. PS3s more reliable but it doesn't mean its better and more popular.

Now my question for you, which is a gaming console and which is a movie player?

LoydX-mas4187d ago

This story is about a certain SKU of the 360 being available on it's launch day.

I love how you had to bring up the "reliability" issue though, proving that Sony fans cannot stay on topic and always fall back to the old standbys: "it always breaks, it doesn't have hd-dvd drive, the cell kicks ass, bla,bla,bla."

If the 360 was actually as unreliable as some people would want, why does it continually outsell the PS3 every month?

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The story is too old to be commented.