Casting Call: Who Should Play Who in Resident Evil: Afterlife

TheBBPS nominates who they want to play who in the coming fourth installment of the popular Resident Evil film franchsie, entitled Resident Evil: Afterlife.

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qface643419d ago

no one should play anyone the movie shouldn't even be made

the whole powers thing -_- ridiculous

DeadlyFire3419d ago

Anderson has this Alice in wonderland theme going and he likes it. Alice in RE land and it sells well for action movie, but doesn't entice every fan to jump on board supporting it. I say this film will be making a hard smack into the ground. Extinction pretty much killed it for anyone that liked it unless somehow they can hype up this film to be the best of them.

Anderson hasn't done a good job at all with RE characters in his Alice in RE universe. Jill wasn't scared of everything in the games. She is a cowardly cop in the films from an elite squad called STARS. Very disappointing.

user8586213419d ago

1stly kill off alice :)

girl with psychic powers in movie bout zombies = BIG NO NO

DiffusionE3419d ago

Anderson will make a mess of it anyway, and the only people that stand to lose are the fans of the game. There are always ignorant people who don't even know that there was a Resident Evil game series way before the movie and are willing to support whatever garbage he puts out.

If they really wanna make it right, they should fire Anderson first. Then, they should reboot the series with the original game cast(meaning no super-Alice, this should be a survival horror movie not sci-fi action). And they should use the original story concept but tweak it a little to fit the standard of the hollywood movies.

Wolfie3419d ago

You already support a garbage like RE4 and RE5 silly boy.

DiffusionE3419d ago

And you're assuming that i support RE4 and RE5 based on what? My avatar? You're the idiot, genius.

RememberThe3573419d ago

We're still trying to figure out Uncharted! Hold on!

ThanatosDMC3419d ago

From left to right not counting the girl in the back.

#1 Do her
#2 Do her
#3 Wont touch her
#4 Definitely gonna do her
#5 Kinda loose... but do her
#6 Second best... of course i'd do her
#7 A mom that had ten kids... no thread

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