Dissidia Demo Paves Way For North American Success

Final Fantasy Union writes: "The Dissidia: Final Fantasy demo arrived on the PlayStation Network just over a week ago, and it allowed gamers a chance to play the latest Final Fantasy spin-off. The game took Japan by storm when it was released in December, 2008 and it looks like it will have similar success for the PlayStation Portable when it's released in North America in a few weeks."

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Selyah3362d ago

Enjoyed the demo, dying to play the full thing, like the article says though kinda disappointed there wasn't any hint at the story

mephman3362d ago

I guess they wanted to leave something for people to look forward to. ;)

inbfour3362d ago

Well the gameplay was fun enought for me not to care about a story.

40cal3362d ago

Day one for me. This game is like playing the battles from Advent Children, amazing.

iamtehpwn3362d ago

It has the combat system that is a God Send.
Once you play it, you'll say "God, I wish this was a Ps3 game"

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MGRogue20173362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

... oh god! oops.. didn't mean to come into this article, I must have dozed off upon reading the title..

truly sorry 'bout this.. We need some more "intense" articles about technology, graphics & stuff.. Y know? Something we'd *might* actually be interested in =)

Godmars2903362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Hey S/E, makes you want rethink your attitude towards the PS3 doesn't it. Especially considering your red-headed stepchild approach...

(You know, I just got that that's an Irish immigrant joke. Not that it shouldn't be funnier that your wife had to step out on you to get any :p )

Da One3362d ago

50% of PS3 owners own a psp i don't know how true that is but i own both

bjornbear3362d ago

And it looks great too...psp is def shaping up in the graphics and gameplay department!

Ninji3362d ago

"Dissidia Demo Paves Way For North American Disappointment"

That's better.

-Mezzo-3362d ago

Lol i isn't that bad./

Vivi3362d ago

Demo is great.

Anyway enjoy playing White Knights FAIL. Story-line is a huge letdown and the ending is possibily one of the worst ever in an RPG.

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The story is too old to be commented.