New Gran Turismo video on PSN & Announcement on the way

Threespeech have informed PS3 owners that there will be a new Gran Turismo video to download from the PlayStation Network Store on May 4th.

They also state that it's worth keeping an eye on for future announcements...

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TheExecutive4286d ago

they are going to announce how awesome GT is going to be...

TheExecutive4286d ago

May 4th is a friday. Anyone who knows the PSN knows that it is updated on thursday, not friday... May be a typo may be a change in the winds over at the PS store.

Vojkan4286d ago

I dont consider GT5 next gen game since there will be no car damages. I mean how boring is that?
I never played Forca but i have to say Forca 2 seems like a very cool game with damages and everything. I just dont know how many cars there will be in Forca 2.

QuackPot4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

Now I'm a linux-sony fanboy but this is a fact. Cars don't handle so well after hitting a barrier at 150 mph, with no suspension or the front bumper caught dragging under it.
I'm going to eventually buy an xbox 360(used of course or when its ridulously cheap) just for great games like Forza 2 - again, I'm a Linux-Sony fanboy and this really annoys me because I don't want Micro$$$$$oft getting my money.

I mean GT is up to version number 5 whereas Forza is number 2. Realistic damage should have been included in GT years ago.

bamdad4286d ago

well, i agree that GT should have damage. but after all, the game is about simulation. so they dont sacrifice graphics & car physics for damage. check out GTR, the game has poor graphics but awsome physics with a weak damage. so i guess they just dont want to put a rediculous damage on GT...hummm or maybe they could use some MotorStorm guys in the next GT. but the guy from ployphony said they're going to add the damage once its good enough for GT

IBLEEDBLU4286d ago

Vojkan ur the biggest idiot to walk on this earth if u think GT5 isnt NEXT-GEN hahahaha did u see that screen shot? holy crap that looks soooo real

i do agree damage would be good but because they dont have it doesnt mean its not next gen u tard lol

its like halo3 not having blood oh i guess its not next gen - even tho the graphics arent next gen hahaha so i guess that was a bad example lol

MoonDust4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

You are just like him.

1. Screenshot is not from the game, it says it on the site. If you could read you would know.
2. Halo has blood .
You are dumb all around.

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The story is too old to be commented.