Has Sony Just Won The Holiday Console War?

With rumors of a PS3 Slim, price-cut and Gran Turismo 5 coming this holiday season, has Sony got the perfect formula to win this holiday?

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lord_of_balrogs3365d ago

"Just Won" and rumors do not go hand in hand. Winning requires fact and proof not rumors and speculation.

GWAVE3365d ago

But what does "won" really mean?

If nothing else, Sony has a kickin' 2009, especially the holiday. Killzone 2, MLB 09, and inFamous for the first half, and Uncharted 2 and Gran Turismo 5 (I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of others). Gamers would be foolish to ignore the PS3 this year.

The_Darkest_Red3365d ago

Can't tell you what company will win but I'll tell you which gamers win: PS3. All the best games that the 360 has coming out the rest of this year as well as Uncharted 2 and Ratchet.

LordMarius3365d ago

They have won in my eyes
*looks at Uncharted 2
Yep they won alright

G3TDOWN3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

For me, Win is good games, features and liability

which Sony won for me

If Sony sold 100000000000000 consoles, that won't do any good for me

SaberEdge3365d ago

I think PS3 is going to do very well this holiday. That goes for the 360 as well. They both have some great games coming out.

gintoki7773365d ago

If they do a price cut. But Im guessing sony is not going to do a price cut just to make some profit back due to lowered production cost.

G3TDOWN3365d ago

uncharted 2

all those games are over +9/10

PrimordialSoupBase3365d ago

This site certainly won't be winning any respect with stupid headlines like that.

Headshot813365d ago

The ps3 always had the best exclusives for every genre, thats what it's all about. I'm not saying that all of us have the same view, but sony's exclusives are the best of the best exclusives. You can't deny that Uncharted and MGS4 are the best 3rd person shooters,God Of War is the best slasher, killzone is the best FPS, GT5 is the best Sim racer,MotorStorm is the best arcade racer,infamous is the best open-world, LBP is the best platform, mlb the show is the best sports game. I think i'll play some K I L L Z O N E 2 now, man... i love this machine!

cereal_killa3365d ago

G3TDOWN can I borrow your crystal ball I need to get the winning lotto numbers for this weeks draw.... Look I'm not saying that any of those games you mention will be AAA but lets not jump to conclusion it's comments like that will feed the trolls in the future.... In terms of QUALITY yes Sony will win this holiday since Splinter Cell will not the light of day until 2010 my 360 will not be touched until SC gets released or Alan Wake shows up (which ever gets released 1st)

SaberEdge3365d ago


All of those games you mentioned are good games, but you have to realize not everybody has the same taste. I personally like Uncharted better than Gears of War, but not everybody agrees with us. Just look at the reviews for evidence of that. Same goes for Killzone 2 -it's a great game, but some people are going to like a different FPS more.

Your post is the kind of post that breeds fanboyism. You state your opinions as facts and somebody else is going to be offended and want to counter you. It all goes in a circle and gets us nowhere.

aceitman3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

are waiting for a price drop on the ps3 they own a ps2 and said they arent getting good games for the ps2 any more seeing that all of the good games are coming to the ps3 so thats 5 poeple i know that r getting one at the price break .. and i know 2 that are saving $ to buy one too so they are getting close to the 400 mark and they r now waiting to get it when it drops they picked up a extra controller and a game already the price cut is what a lot of people r waiting for ...

Gamertags3365d ago

Don't you wish that real journalist would do the reporting instead of these blogs/kids? Real news involves fact and proof and not just fanboy opinions.

aceitman3365d ago

expect three skus one for $399 / $299 / and $ 200-250 just think if
production cost r down 70% it cost them $180 dollars to make so they can start seeing profit of $20-70 on the $200-250 model $120 on $299
and $220 on $399 model ...

aceitman3365d ago

they r likeing the games they r seeing and a couple r sick of there 360 dieing on them

Omegasyde3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Sony wins as far as software selection goes, but I don't think they can overcome Microsoft/Nintendo consoles sales. Sony marketing freaking blows, as many people buy a 360 instead of a PS3 because they think that the PS3 can't play DVD's and only blu-ray movies.

I hate to say it, but Sony should "sell out" as far as the marketing campaign goes. Only game footage of Madden, signstar, Rockband, and the Video store should be shown. If anything EYEPET should be the entire focus of the holiday blitz.

I still to this day, don't believe any Wii only owners will upgrade and become a more hardcore audience without some kind of bridge to bring them over to the dark side.

Console marketing is what wins the "war" that and discovery of high definition.

leila013365d ago

I love threads like this, it helps me expand my ignore list.

Jaces3365d ago

Well hell. With all the delays, the only games going to be left by the time the holidays roll on by will be multiplat. lol =P

heroicjanitor3365d ago

If you mean sales, it looks set to beat the 360 but I expect a wii price drop/new colour and then the wii will sell the most this holiday season. *sigh* wouldn't it be nice to have it so easy....

Immortal Kaim3365d ago

Oh god it never ends, these sh*tty opinion pieces are clogging up this site. Look at everyone lap it up.

I love my PS3 as much as the next guy, but some of you fanboys would gladly eat a steaming pile of sh*t if it was produced by Sony, same for the MS fanboys...

Omegasyde3365d ago

I would gladly eat the sh** if the Sh** was in 1080p and ran at 60 frames per second while I was ingesting it.

I would eat the DLc for the Sh** as well, if the Sh** including exclusive timed utensils.

Christopher3365d ago

Oh, go figure, these type of articles are just as annoying when they're about the PS3 just as they are when they're about the Xbox 360.

cayal3365d ago

sheesh, none of those three things are even confirmed to be happening.

soxfan20053365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Having the best lineup on paper means NOTHING if you can't deliver where and when it really counts. Just ask the Yankees.

ALSO - the supposed 70% reduction in manufacturing costs does NOT mean that Sony will (hypothetically) open it's PS3 factory doors one morning to discover that a PS3 is miraculously 70% cheaper to produce than it was the day before. The 70% is probably off of the original $800-$900 cost of production, and not off of the current $450 (or so) cost. Production cost reductions are gradual - anyone who follows video games knows that.

el zorro3365d ago

All of this is rampant speculation. Even if it all came true, it would be foolish to think Microsoft would just sit back on their laurels. My personal prediction is that the 360 will see greater hardware and software sales than the PS3 this holiday season. But hey, I might be wrong. We just don't know how things are going to turn out yet. Too many unknowns.

ThanatosDMC3365d ago

I'm just surprised that Forza devs stopped touting their horns.

JD_Shadow3365d ago

This article is asking a hypothetical question that could have an interesting answer. Remember, you don't HAVE to agree with what they said, but respect that they have that opinion and are willing to debate it and put it out in the open. Why is that a crime to do? It wasn't immature, it's using facts to back up their opinion, and they are taking legit things that have a serious chance of happening into the equation. This isn't flamebait (then again, it's only "viable" if it's blindly slamming the PS3 at every turn, I guess).

@soxfan: "Having the best lineup on paper means NOTHING if you can't deliver where and when it really counts. Just ask the Yankees."

The Yankees haven't delivered since 2001, and they have the richest front office in the MLB and offers tons of money to big stars that don't produce once they get there! No wonder they are "overrated"!

aueslander3365d ago

Heaing the "Well, all 200,000 of my friends and fmaily that I hae talked to are waiting for the price drop to get a PS3 so since everyone I know who plays games is doing that then everyone must be doing that as well," crap that people put out. I mean one, no one cares if you know 1 or 1 million people who are going to buy a ps3 but yyour friends and or family are not a full representation of everyone on the planet that plays games.

Its the same whe you hear "Well, I have 10 friends who are all on their 45th xbox and all say that if it RROD's on them again they are going PS3," crap that people spew.

Finally, the 360 is no slouch this winter either. You have Halo ODST in September (yes, it may not do as much as a man halo title but look at Halo Wars, its an RTS that, in the US at least, has outsold KZ2) that shows a lot of promise (sandbox FPS game) as well as Forza 3 and even though it is multi plat, Moder Warfare 2 in November will sell a nice bit on the 360 (i think it will sell more on 360 than the ps3) as well and I am sure there are some I am forgetting as well.

try not to play the fanboy card since I have both a 360 and PS3 but my 360 gets played more right now.

Also, Sony does have some good games coming but, hyped PS3 only games recently avent been flying off the shelves as much as expected so far this year. What I mean is that true, sales dont always mean jack but if games dont move then it is bad for the publisher and the studio that made the game and if you love it then there are sequel concerns as well. THough decent games, let's face it, KZ2 was not the 800 lb Halo killing (or at least matching) beast that all the hype would lead you to believe it was supposed to be at retail and Infamous, though also hyped pretty decently, was overtaken by Prototype and hasnt really pushed as many as the hype and fanboy praise would make you think it woulf. As for this season, GY5 will prob really be the only exclusive to maych the hype. Yea, God of War might as well, though that is not til march. Uncharted 2 I think is turning into another KZ2, hyped to death but when it comes to PS3 players going out and buying it, they will go in decent numbers but nothing like rabid metal gear, halo, COD, or gears fans do when those games come out.

Yes, I know I will hear numbers/sales dont mean jack but how would you quantify a winner? SOny or MS could release 5 super hyped, supposed AAAAAAAAA titles before black friday and if they only move a few hundred thousand each, they will be a flop and not register a win.

Its like your fave sports team, you dont care what others say or even their record what it is cas long as you enjoy watching them and stay a fan, but if your team (im going to use NFL here) finishes 0-16 and gets blown out every game, you cant really just say "Well, they are my fave team and I dont care how they did (equate wins and loses with sales) because it only matters what I think of them and I still think they are the best," because nbo matter how much you love them, at the end of the day, wins are what matters most and to crown a winner, usually the team with the best record is in fact the best team.

BattleAxe3365d ago

PS3 Slim + Price Cut + GT5 + Uncharted 2 + R&C = WIN

2009 + Infamous + Killzone 2 = WON
2010 + God of War 3 + Quantum + Heavy Rain = WIN

It would seem that I already knew this.......

aueslander3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

...I could say

early 2009: Halo Wars + Protoype=win (IF you look at numbers)

Holiday 2009: ODST + Forza 3 + MW2 (yes multiplat but still a HUGE seller) + I bet a $50 cut to 360 IF PS3 drops to $299= WIN FOR MS

2010: Splinter Cell + Alan Wake + Reach + Lost Planet 2 (still CONSOLE exclusive to 360 for now) + (and a HUGE PLUS and still 360 exclusive to console) Mass Effect 2 + FF13 (yes a multi plat but if you have only a 360 and want it why pay out $300 or more for a PS3 when you can get on 360) = WIN FOR MS and that is not even counting a more than likely Gears 3

See how easy that is to do? Now, stop being a fanboy and pay everything. I do for the most part (though still no wii yet)

I just hope no one brings up the "Well, most of thsoe are PC so they aint exclusice," because as far as consoles go, if you can only play a game on ONE console, it is still exclusive to the CONSOLE MARKET. Also, most people prefer consoles and would buy games for a console instead of having to pay like $1000 or more for a PC to play the game at the specs that the 360 put out anyway. Also, MS is making money both ways as though PCs are not MS, since they RUN ON WINDOWS then the game would still be company exclusve in that if you dont run windows, your sony viao couldnt run said games. Also, FF14 is coming to the PC so if ayone tries to pint out exclusivity for FF14 just shut up now.

FInaly, calling out games on the 360 as not being exclusive due to them being available on the PC would be like calling out say God of War as not being exclusive since you can get a version of it on the PSP, both still run sony OS's so they are still Sony exclusive.

Damn, I wrote way too much.

siyrobbo3365d ago

I just hope that the slim does come with a price drop, and they dont do what they did with the psp go and release it at a marked up price. The only thing stopping me from buying a PS3 is the price, as soon as it drops below £200 im going to get one straight away.

aueslander3365d ago

....that within a few days of a cut to the PS3 to $299 (if there will be one) you will see MS drop the price of the 60 gig pro by $50 to $249.

Say what you will about MS, but they are a smart and ruthless company that knows that your average joe consumer is retarded and if said consumer goes to buy lil Johnny or lil Judy a game system for the Holidays, in this economy looking at $299 for a system vs $249 for a system (and maybe even a minor cut to the arcade ptting it down to $179) average joe will get the cheaper system (im not putting the wii into this equation).

So, a $299 PS3 would spike sales some but, as soon as MS drops the price of the 360 to match (and we all know they probably will) the spike will even out.

Hell, I wouldnt be shocked at all if MS drops the price of the arcade to $99 and leave the Pro at $299.

cmrbe3365d ago

That's some funny stuff there.

Headshot813365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

on "what worries me about the ps3's success", chillout!
I'm not even going to read your whole essay, but i notice something when i skipped to the end,
you said....

"FInaly, calling out games on the 360 as not being exclusive due to them being available on the PC would be like calling out say God of War as not being exclusive since you can get a version of it on the PSP, both still run sony OS's so they are still Sony exclusive"

Well there is version of god of war thats exclusive to the psp, but >i can guarantee G.O.W. 3 will not be on the psp<(just notice it rhymed, RAISE THA ROOF'LOL). There's no direct port of a current gen ps3 exclusive to the psp. The thing is that the OS doesn't matter if it's from MS, the game is still on different hardware, it's like a 360 owner playing his 360 on a sony hdtv, sony surround sound speakers. Nobody cares abou sales, most gamers are kids-teens,who's going to make a big deal and out of it and say "ha, we got cha using sony products!", The majority of gamers already have a gamin pc with the "ms OS (monopoly)" installed. So this means that they dont need to have a 360 to play the "exclusive" game when it's out on a pc. . And AGAIN, I'm ps3 owner, but i buy what is good, even if "the OS is made by MS", this thinking will open up your gaming world!

While putting all company allegiance aside: how about...

Syronicus3365d ago

Gee GT, where was that comment when the last hundred lame Xbox "articles" were approved here on N4G? It's funny how you manage to squeak that comment by when a rumor has something to do with the PS3 but when the 360 rumors hit you seem to be silent... Troll much?

As for the article, we will have to wait and see but I suspect the real winners here will be the gamers.

ultimolu3365d ago

The games alone makes Sony a winner in my eyes.

Rainstorm813365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Gt5 & ps3 price drop is enough without the slim.


you are truly delusional. Halo wars and prototype is a win for 360 gamers????? over Killzone 2 and inFamous????? first since you 360 fanboys harp on sales Halo wars @ 1.36m < Killzone 2 1.76m not to mention Killzone is a better game all around. Second why are you touting multiplats? That doesn't help your argument when those same games can be bought on PS3. Finally Splinter cell being pushed back to 2010 hurts the 360 on the exclusive games side of things, the two most antiquated games are Halo ODST and Forza 3. Thats why people are trying to predict a win for Sony. BETTER EXCLUSIVES.

As long as i can get my hands on Uncharted 2:Among Thieves I WIN

BTW: I used to love halo just like i used to love goldeneye 64, but games evolve and i evolve with them. Killzone IS one of the most adrenaline packed FPS ive played next to COD4. People feel they have to bring down KZ2 because of the PS3 hate festering within fanboys. I personally feel its better than Halo and it doesn't have to sell 10 mil to prove it. The proof is in the gameplay, animation, graphics, AI, realistic deaths, etc. People say KZ2 is generic......well by that reasoning so is Halo, COD, Gears, Battlefield etc.

Sorry for the rant...........but i hate irrational fanboy logic

bnaked3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Uncharted 2 = triple win

Highest quality ever..

Damn, it seems that it will become a perfect game and every gamer on earth should play it!

Poopface the 2nd3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

I didnt know the holiday season was something that you can win. More sales than 360? maybe. but I have a bad feeling that the wii will sell the most again this year.

I really hope they release the PS3 slim cuz thats the one I want.

nycredude3364d ago

qface and scissorrunner

If you two choose mates the way you choose games then be prepared to be lonely for the rest of your lives

They are just games people, you are not buying a first time house, or car, or motorcycle, or boat. I know $60 is kind of hard to swallow for some but come on!! You mean to tell me with so many games coming out that you can't find one you like?

Only games that appeal to you is ds games? You either are very young and don't actually own the other consoles (maybe your older brother or sisters do) or you are just very casual gamers, or just flat out broke, in which case you have a legitimate excuse, otherwise I suggest just selling the consoles and keeping the DS cause the way I see it if you can't find something play from this year's lineup then you most likely will never find something to play.

kunit22c3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

In console sales I would probably have to say Wii (of course) but in games, i would probably have to say PS3 in first and Wii in second.
here are the upcoming Wii games.

samfk3364d ago

price cut is probably a given ,gt5 this year is nonsense!wish it was but cant see it.and final fatasy yawn is on both consoles!

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qface643365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

i don't care what anyone says the rest of 09 is looking like crap on all fronts
can't think of any games i want for holiday 09 -_-

im glad i have a ds or else i would be bored with no games to buy for holiday 09

PixlSheX3365d ago

Is that sarcasm? Or you just have a ds?

Omegasyde3365d ago

Yea Nintendo fans got gipped this season. I do look forward to the Metroid Trilogy though.

Unless you hate shooters and 3rd person action games, there isn't too much too look forward to. Borderlands/demon souls is on my radar but those are niche.

qface643365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

no i have all consoles and there's nothing upcoming on the ps3 that i want everything got delayed same goes for the 360 and the wii just has mario galaxy 2 this year

i still have allot of upcoming games i want on the ds and that's it gotta wait for 2010 for all the games

heroicjanitor3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

What games do you play exactly? Are you saying Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, modern warfare 2, Demon's Souls, Fifa 10/Pes/Madden or whatever your sport and Left 4 Dead 2 all look crap to you? You pretty much hate all genres then?
Tekken, ninja gaiden, rock band, assassin's creed there are loads.

qface643365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

ill play any type of game except for realistic sports and racing games never was a fan

i won't get uncharted2 because i never liked the first one and im skipping L4D2 because i don't like playing L4D online on the 360

my brother is getting modern warfare 2 as for demon souls ill pass
some of the games you named i already have a version of the game and its already enough

so you see why the rest of 09 is looking like crap to me no games for me to get until 2010

bnaked3365d ago

"i won't get uncharted2"


raztad3364d ago


You still have R&C:ACiT, Pixel Junk:Shooter, Borderlands, AC2, Shadow Complex

BTW, Why skipping Demons Souls? Both Reviews and owners are praising this game.

Dragon Origins?

N4g_null3364d ago

qface64 you should try blazeblu. It is pretty fun. That is about all I see on the HD consoles for the rest of the year. I just am not a fan of the way they are pushing their games out. I'm sure I'm forgetting some thing but most of the games made for the HD system are made for their current owners. I just don't like the game play or the artist direction of most of those games.

I think HD console owners should be pretty excited because they will have some thing to play and yet another game to justify their purchase.

There seems to be a few different types of gamers and the current owners of the HD console are just another group. There are skill based gamers and fantasy based gamers and others...

You guys should not take people not being happy with your line to heart all gamers are pretty different. If you have been gaming for a while then you know what you like and really that is all that matters. The companies that make HD games will continue to do so if they truly do love making them.

The point of posting is to show that not every one is like you guys and their are some things missing that are pretty important to HD gaming right now.

mfwahwah3364d ago

Why are you guys so interested in HIS gaming interests? Dude wants to skip one of the best gaming holidays of this generations then let him. Let's just enjoy the mountain of game's WE'LL be playing, and ignore the guy who has all the systems but hates all the games (you called them crap, after all).

samfk3364d ago

me thinks u only got a ds,gud luck on brain training u need it pmsl

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TheColbertinator3365d ago

Wait what?

Its all opinion really since the review system is broken,fanboys never accept the other side "winning",and sales don't count because even if the 360/PS3 has 15 AAA titles this year,they will still be outsold by the Wii even if the Wii had no Mario game this year.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33365d ago

You'd be hardpressed to argue that Sony doesn't have momentum on their side this holiday season. I really don't see the 360 releasing anything that stacks up to U2. The PS3 could easily become this holidays hot ticket, especially if they announce a price cut/redesign and release GT5.

Light Yagami3365d ago

Halo 3 ODST >>>>>> everything PS3 has to offer.

OGharryjoysticks3365d ago

Uncharted 2 is better than any game on 360 period.

...but Light Yagami already knows Uncharted 2 is the best game this gen so far anyway so grab another beer or go to sleep already.

Narutone663365d ago

is going to start giving out 360 for free.

AngryTypingGuy3365d ago

It certainly looks like Sony has a strong chance if a PS3 slim happens, along with a price cut. A major price cut would help to balance out the fan base some, but the only way to balance out the fan base would be for Sony to take the sales lead for a considerable amount of time, which is hasn't really done yet. Then again, MS may have something up their sleeves. Everyone always thinks Sony will win the Xmas season, but MS always seem to pull ahead.

Kill Crow3365d ago

Uncharted will be a great game. But just like KZ2, MGS4 and all the other great games on PS3 it won't count for sh!t because like all the other AAA titles no one will buy it. It'll sell twice as many as uncharted 1, and that still won't equate to a single weekend of an xbox 360 title.

Halo ODST, love it or hate it, will be the biggest game this year.

Amir513365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

If uncharted 2 sells twice as many as uncharted 1 then thats 5 million!

What 360 game did that in a weekend!? lol Fool.

And also how can you count MGS4 as a game noone bought!??

Sold 4 million, god you better do your research before making silly comments.

And for the record, modern warfare 2 will be the biggest title NOT halo odst. MW2 will double sales of halo, its bigger and multiplatform.

Man_of_the_year3365d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

"What 360 game did that in a weekend!? lol Fool"

Halo 2 and Halo 3. You Fool

Ofcourse the links i provided you only show that Halo 3 was able to do it in 24 hours in the U.S alone, not the WEEK like you have asked. Halo 3 managed to hit $300 million sales in its first week which is around 5 million games sold...again in the U.S alone.

Kill Crow3364d ago

but you're going to have to eat your hat now ....

Halo is the biggest series this yea rwithout fail ...

MW2 is close, BUT there'll be a boycott on it's price so don't expect it to do as well as MW1 until price drops ....

HALO > entire PS3 lineup.

talltony3364d ago

I dont care how much of a fanboy you are but how the hell could you not agree that the ps3 will outsell the 360 this holiday if a cheaper slimline ps3 is released and if GT5 comes out considering it is selling as much as a 360 right now at $200 more in a recession?

Amir513364d ago

Fair enough, you were right about the sales.

But there's still no way ODST is gonna outsell Modern Warfare 2.

Man_of_the_year3364d ago

"1.10 - ok what dont you guys get?
I dont care how much of a fanboy you are but how the hell could you not agree that the ps3 will outsell the 360 this holiday if a cheaper slimline ps3 is released and if GT5 comes out considering it is selling as much as a 360 right now at $200 more in a recession?"

Speculation after speculation.

1st - "IF's" again and again. Ya sure lets all state the obvious with "IF's"
2nd - Sony still has yet to confirm a PS3 slim.
3rd - Sony and Polyphony still have yet to confirm GT5 will be released this year
4th - again you are assuming that the largest SKU that sells is the arcade unit when Greenberg has already said in an interview with Torrence that the PRO is the best selling SKU which means there is about a $100 difference. Yes i will listen to Greenberg before i listen to some guy that "works in a retail story AKA apena89" who thinks because what happens in the store that he works in represents the world and has a little picture.

freitox3364d ago

oh god halo is such an average game, only 12 year olds think it's the greatest game ever.

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jack who3365d ago

oh yeah they won alright

Mo0eY3365d ago

Even the Xbots believe it. /thread