Clearing the Hard Drive's Cache No Longer Hidden for the 360

JPS Reports: "Surfing around the upcoming Dashboard Update that is due to come out in 2 weeks, there are some nice additions and changes that i've noticed so far. One of the things that caught my attention is the ability to clear the cache of the hard drive. Before getting the update installed, that feature was hidden and required a code to be input. By going to the Hard Drive's Menu, there will be an option where you can delete the HD's cache..."

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Troll-Killer3389d ago

I've been clearing my cache at least twice/year, since early 2006, and it can fix a lot of little issues from loading times (both games and dashboard), to preventing possible game save problems or crashes. It only takes a minute to do it, and is completely harmless. As for the deleted updates, that's no biggie...they only take a few seconds reinstall again, the next time you play your current/favorite game(s).

KionicWarlord2223389d ago

Helps when your downloading something and you have a slow download .

IdleLeeSiuLung3389d ago

I have never erased the cache on my 360 once and it have worked fine for almost 3 years. I always make sure to gracefully shut down my console. A graceful shutdown is to never use the hard power button, but to always exit to dashboard and log out of live then hold in the Guide button to shutdown.

I believe the newest consoles work very much like advanced OS that leaves fragmented files behind if not properly shut down.

el zorro3389d ago

I always properly shut down my 360, but I still think this is a nice feature to have for those times when you find yourself needing it. I love these updates. Keep them coming Microsoft.

coolirisGB3389d ago

Nice. You had to do some stupid code then the NXE came and the option vanished.

Klopek3389d ago

I'm pretty sure it's identical. Pressing the power button on the console doesn't result in an instant shutdown or loss of power. It still shutdowns exactly as it does if you shut it down via the guide.

The Matrix3389d ago

Tried clearing the cache many times before to possible "respawn" some disappearing flags in Assassin's Creed but it didn't work. STUPID *(@$ing flags wasting weeks of my life.

IdleLeeSiuLung3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

You would think so. I have only experienced crashes/freezing in two games on my 360. In one of them, Bioshock it froze (the only time) and using the Guide button to pull up the menu it would not shut off. I had to press the power button to power cycle it.

This indicated to me there were some differences, but I don't know. I just make sure to exit the game to the dash, logout and then shut down from the Guide. Maybe a little bit paranoid, but I have never once had any problems with both my 360s that other people seem to have. I might have gotten lucky or it is working.

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KilZoneGeneralStrife3389d ago

does clearing cache delete downloaded game updates?

II Necroplasm II3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

yep and it's pretty annoying.

Troll-Killer3389d ago didn't read the article, OR my post. :/

LostCypher113389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

edit... Delete

KilZoneGeneralStrife3389d ago

Im a student,and a wireless connection is all I got,and my limit is 500mb a month before they start charging hectic amounts of money. . .so I really try to keep my gaming below that amount. .and I .to download an firmware update,I pretty much know Im out of gaming the rest of the month even a 30mb update. .hurts me bad.its one annoying reason Ive hated the Ps3 updates. . . ,and a reason why I cant play KZ2 online. .theres always another update thats nearly 100mb.I update everything. . .when I go home to my ADSL line :D ,but when Im away studying. .500mb is all Ive got

ShabzS3389d ago

damn that sucks man ...

jkoz3389d ago

500MB? I download almost a gig a day. I'd kill myself in your position. Wow.

Kushan3389d ago

500Mb is absolutely pathetic! You would actually be better off on dialup.

LostCypher113389d ago

wow 500mb, thats the same as my data plan for my cellphone. You can't be serious?

-MD-3389d ago

I download like 3GB worth of stuff every night.

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ShabzS3389d ago

i'm just super glad they have done something about the hard drive space issues ... more compression is pretty smart... cache deletion isnt bad either ... its really helpfull with reducing texture pop ins in games like gta 4 and fixing broken save files in cod WaW...

coolirisGB3389d ago

Where did it go? are you talking about the L-bumper R-bumper X,X or whatever? If so I can't find it since the first NXE update.

ShabzS3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

No No .. its still there... its xx lb rb xx ... go to memory tab in system setting ... select your hdd and press y for device options ... then hit the sequence it'll ask if you want to perform syst maintenece .. hit yes ... and viola ... deleted

coolirisGB3389d ago

Thanx guy I was getting confused because of the new layout. It worked.

TheTruth893389d ago


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