Ubisoft Says: Splinter Cell Uses Full Power Of Xbox360 To The Limit HipHopGamerShow 8/2/09

1. Ubisoft – Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow
2. Xbox360 Avatars To Be As Big As Acheivements
3. Super Punch – Out Coming Too PS3 and 360?
4. HipHopRss – Eminem Destroys Mariah Carey

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tdrules3453d ago

please lern2english

Gue13451d ago

WTF? Irony? Why? LoL

3451d ago
Hellsvacancy3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

And theres still up 2 4 years left this gen and the 360's been maxed-out so early on this gen - OUCH

360isthebestps3sucks3451d ago


360 not reached in the limit.

FlipMode3451d ago

xbox fanboy

just because hip hop gamer reported it

doesnt make it false

ubisoft said it in an interview

not HHG

AngryTypingGuy3451d ago

1. Compression techniques will continue to evolve.

2. Graphics techniques will continue to evolve.

3. MS sent out new dev kits which in time will produce games with better graphics.

JonnyBadfinger3450d ago

wow since when has Ubisoft ever been known to push hardware to the limit. Gears looks better than Splinter Cell.

And next week on PS3s graphics are getting worse!.... YEAH RIGHT!.

The 360 will reach it limit first and the PS3 will always be better graphical machine, thats just obvious. BUT thats still doesnt make me want to buy a PS3, since absolutely none of their exclusives interest me in the slightest...... ok maybe Grand Turismo, but my mate will be getting that so i can play it at his place.

3450d ago
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Chubear3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

WOW, so much intense hate. Unbelievable.

There is no duplicate story. The show had actual news about Splinter Cell, exclusive interviews and footage I've not seen before from the Producer of the game and you call it duplicate and not news?

Look, stop spoiling this site for others. You don't like the interviews, news and break down of news then fine but stop trying to keep news from the gaming community. This is not what N4G was set-up for.

This witch hunt is total BS.

G3TDOWN3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )


Hiphopgamer WTF is the connection between your grandma and video games ? That's what makes you unprofessional and no one gives a ****

at least climb her hair

Sparv-en3451d ago

Totally right... Why all the hate?

Carl14123451d ago

he could at least attempt to make sense

"3. Super Punch – Out Coming Too PS3 and 360?"


Chubear3451d ago

Very commendable that the admins looked into this unfortunate situation where the features given to the users were abused. I'm glad they atleast used fair judgment on this and it give me confidence that N4G is more a site for gamers by gamers than pretending to be.

topdawg1223451d ago

Yeah seriously this guy gets great interviews and has better news than this entire site most of the time. all the hate is extremely unnecessary. I wish i had half the passion of gaming to put up with this and deal with all the scrutiny

Hoolock3451d ago

Alan wake looks nicer than this and mass effect i just think ubisoft are after the hype. If not then PS3 is looking very nice.

gaffyh3451d ago

Bravo to N4G, I'm glad they rescued this story. HHG has a right to say whatever he wants, but unfortunately a lot of fanboys have begun to report stories as duplicates, even when they aren't just to fail the story's approval.

IMO these guys are abusing the approval system and NEED to get IP banned.

Greywulf3451d ago

i've always said he spams. but he spams just as much as everyone else that gets approved with no issues.

ANd he has legit news.

xTruthx3451d ago

@gaffyh people can change IP but theres a rlly simple way to prevent this which i dk y n4g hasnt done it, cus some people have been making multiple accounts and have voted multiple times in the articles they like. Dont wana say how you do it, cus then every fanboy will do it.

FamilyGuy3451d ago

I don't understand why there's so much hate towards his inflammatory headlines when MOST articles posted here have similar eye/interest catching headlines. He had a real interview in this one and it wasn't his first, that is REAL gaming news. Why are we limiting real news yet approving rumor after rumor after rumor?

On another note, I wish his show was shorter, i skip some parts but.. yeah, i dont need an hour of this.

Godmars2903451d ago

Yes I'm racist.

I'm a black man who's racist against idiots who make flamebait titles just to generate hits to their site.

Super Punch-Out to 360 and PS3 - *REALLY?!*

Christopher3451d ago

Who in the last year hasn't used the 360 to the fullest? The 360 has been maxed for ages, the improvements we'll be seeing are all software based, not hardware.

f4nb0i3451d ago

"Who in the last year hasn't used the 360 to the fullest? The 360 has been maxed for ages, the improvements we'll be seeing are all software based, not hardware." LULZ

Yeah cus PS3 game improvements aren't software based?

Last time I checked the PS3 was the only system that has less hardware now than when it was released ;-)

I want my GT5 Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :'(

ape0073451d ago

great interview with the lead designer of splinter cell,splinter cell is one of my favorite games ever,it's amazing to see the developers with you hhg

thanks man

great show,good ideas\points,good thinking as usual


gaffyh3451d ago

@1.10 - Yeah true, you can always get around the IP ban, but it would be a decent deterrent. At least then these idiots have to go through the hassle of getting a program to allow them to access n4g.

@everyone who doesn't like HHG - you don't have to click the article! Also all of the other stories are filtered out, you only see ONE story on the frontpage, ONCE a week. You can't survive one day a week without hating on him?

N4g_null3451d ago

Seriously I'd rather see him than G4 right now... they are both the same to me LOL.

Lifendz3451d ago

That's a little redundant, no?

Omegasyde3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Just a month ago he was making sensationalist headlines, and completely making stuff up.

BTW Super Punch out is an IP owned by Nintendo.
The Wii version was developed by Canadian developer Next Level Games, with permission from Nintendo.

Sony released some of its IP to non first party developers as wellto develop a game for its console, with the newest examples being God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP game, Ready at Dawn), and Socom: Confrontation (Slant Six Games)

So by Hiphop gamers logic, Socom and GOW could be released on Microsoft and Nintendo Platforms.

Wow, you all have short memory. Don't make me bust out links of all his past crap.

Lifendz3451d ago

to going to E3 and other industry events while rubbing elbows with some people that you or I will never met. The guy was flown out to Vegas to preview a game and it only gets better. The concept of his site was brand new: a guy from the inner-city that isn't so caught up in his own ego and perception of what games should be that he actually talks to us like gamers. Sometimes I listen to what some of the guys on sites like 1up have to say and I wonder if I'm listening to some philosophy professors discuss some deep deep philosophical topic.

But I definetely think he could do some things to improve how he presents news and the National Enquirer like headlines really don't help his credibility.

Also, I don't get how he and some other guys are constantly on some F N4G tip and yet they turn to N4G for traffic. Can't have it both ways.

socomnick3450d ago

"Hate to say it, but we all know the HHG hate is racist."

ITs confirmed you sir and an idiot. By the way the reason nobody wants HHG is not because he is black or even because he enjoys hip hop. The reason everyone wants him gone is because he is not a journalist, he has no sources he has no cred, and above all he is an idiot.

Stupidity transcends race, and I'm actually pretty angry that someone would bring up race when it has nothing to do with the situation.

HHG's website needs to be banned on along with other blogs that have no insider info or no news just editorials. Sites like Gaming Acess. the Examiner. Playstation Lifestyle. All these sites have no news they just spew rumors without any factual evidence.

IdleLeeSiuLung3450d ago

- Flamebait articles and titles
- Overhyping of things clearly should NOT. Anyone remember when Ninja Blade will be better than Ninja Gaiden 2?
- Over the top speculation such as "3. Super Punch – Out Coming Too PS3 and 360?"

This guy is a master in link baiting without content and flame bait articles. Doesn't mean there isn't news hidden in there somewhere. That is why there is hate towards his site, not his gender or race. Simply extreme content that makes you go what?!!!

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topgeareasy3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

won't do anything

Captain Tuttle3451d ago

You gotta be kidding me. You people hate this guy so much and yet you click on his stories and post in them with all of your whining and give them heat. You're a bunch of suckers.

The man's just trying to make a living.

topdawg1223451d ago

Dude, a petition? wow, HHG has better stories than half the garbage on this site. you might as well put up a petition for all of N4g you loser!!! I wish you had half the passion for gaming that HHG does clown!

Godmars2903451d ago

For me its more like a heads up less the uninformed waste time swallowing his BS. The hope that *maybe* HHG might actually listen to the criticism and stop making BS statements which are then mixed in with news that's already been heard dozens of times with the one or two actual jems he might come across.

Omegasyde3451d ago

Damn Top dawg, your master's leash too tight?

theEnemy3451d ago

but that petition is just f'ing stupid.

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fire233453d ago

Before any more people whine, take a look at Sucker Punch's website. Guess what they are searching for, an online position.

V_Ben3451d ago

as much as i like the guy, i cant fast forwards to the bits i want to hear :-)

Spike473451d ago

*grabs soda and popcorn*

V_Ben3451d ago

hes talking about super punch out. pretty stupid idea, having an exclusive nintendo franchise come to other platforms. these things are labelled as rumors for a reason.

Myst3451d ago

*Checks the info*

Good lord!

E-eh anyway, what is the deal with the 4th spot?
"4. HipHopRss – Eminem Destroys Mariah Carey" I'm guessing it was just already implemented in the video?