Ballmer: We're cheaper than Apple (but not Linux)

Cnet: "Whenever Microsoft starts to look like a company that is ready to play fair with open source, along comes its CEO, Steve Ballmer, to ruin all the goodwill the rest of the company has created.

In talking up Microsoft's deal with Yahoo, Ballmer couldn't restrain himself from talking about Apple or Linux:

Linux. It's all about Linux. We've been competing with Linux for a number of years. I want to describe our value proposition. We are a high-volume player. We do not, like Apple, believe in low volume, very high prices. Apple's a great company, does a fine job, but their model says high margin, high quality, high price, that's kinda how they come to market."

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saint_john_paul_ii3391d ago

cheaper? yes, but costs soar after management.

Greywulf3391d ago

Its evident in every facet of business they buy themselves into.

DevastationEve3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

God why on earth can't Sony just define themselves without using others to define them?

Its evident in every facet of business they buy themselves into.


Quotes? How about everything they've been able to copy and then say it's better.

Also Sony Vaios Recommend Windows Vista :)

Also, have you ever heard of Jack Tretton? That guy has been notorious for his bad mouthing:

Pizzagaki3391d ago

Why on earth do people blame so many things on MS, when almost every corporation does the same.

Greywulf3391d ago

"We do not, like Apple, believe in low volume, very high prices."

Where are yours?

ActionBastard3391d ago

I personally love how ApocalyPS3 brought Sony into a discussion of Apple, Linux and MS. Talk about insecure. Hey! When Sony make a desktop OS that runs on its Vaio line of PCs, open your mouth.

Godmars2903391d ago

No, they didn't buy themselves into the PC OS market, that was given to them by IBM.

And they've been doing their best to keep everyone else out ever since...

raztad3391d ago

Wow ApocalPS3 failed miserably at trying to involve Sony in this conversation.

BTW, Linux is not that hard to use anymore desktop wise. It could become a sour if you are talking about network managment, but then it performs much better than Windows or Mac for that matter.

thebudgetgamer3391d ago

but when you compare the thing they both make (software) not so much.

the best version of 10.5

the the cheapest version of vista ultimate

and you can throw apples os into any any intel mac and it will work.

DevastationEve3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Well I guess it's not a bad thing to compare yourself to the other competitors, but people you have to stop thinking that this is something that only Microsoft does. In fact they're going to HAVE to measure up to every other competitor anytime they enter a new field or industry.

They're not bashing anybody, just sorting out who's where.

Godmars2903391d ago

"people you have to stop thinking that this is something that only Microsoft does."

But it is something that only MS does. It makes a direct push in established market with similar product and immediately starts discrediting the established competition. They've done it Quicken and Photoshop, as well as Sony and Nintendo both.

Yes, other companies do it as well, only when they do they try to present a better product. Not something that cheaper and less reliable while tossing out insults.

morganfell3391d ago

Who in the console industry has talked more about (READ ATTACKED) what the competitor is or is not than Aaron Greenberg. The funny thing is he comes off less like a pit bull and more like a chihuahua.

IdleLeeSiuLung3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

"and you can throw apples os into any any intel mac and it will work. "

Are you saying that without having to buy a license I can install Mac OSX on any Apple computer that the hardware can handle it? Is it even legal?

You probably still have to pay for those OSX updates/upgrades (MS calls them Service Packs) for your current software to work....

CyberCam3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Great post, and I quote:
"No, they didn't buy themselves into the PC OS market, that was given to them by IBM.

And they've been doing their best to keep everyone else out ever since..."

To add to that, M$ did buy their way into the OS market... the first version of DOS was "bought out" from a programmer in Texas for $50,000.

And every other M$ product/technology was either "bought out" or "stolen" from others... from Office, SQL to Hotmail.

From looking at M$'s entire history, it's plain to see that they don't have creative bone in their collective bodies (as a company)... with the exception of the M$ laser mouse & XBL! Their strongest claim to fame is there ability to buy out up & coming technologies/patents/companies and market the hell out of them to all the demographics across the globe to make the all mighty dollar!

One last thing you all should remember is that Apple has been in the OS market longer than M$.

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mirroredderorrim3391d ago

Because money is their corporate slingshot into anything they see lucrative.

Bnet3433391d ago

Tell me what company DOESN'T have that mindset.

yorkie3391d ago

So Microsoft are saying Apple have the quality and Linux the best price, wow thats some sales pitch Lol

DevastationEve3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Apple makes PCs just like any other manufacturer out there. Their quality only comes from the fact that they make the computer and the operating system, so naturally what rolls out onto shelves has been met with Apple's reliability testing.

But so does everything that rolls out of PC OEM's Microsoft in the end that suffers since they have to support everything that can go into ANY PC configuration. On the other hand, Macs have a limited array of configurations, and they'll even always have the same case and power supply.

edit: my point is that Microsoft acknowledges how lucky Apple is to be in that position.

"Apple's a great company, does a fine job, but their model says high margin, high quality, high price, that's kinda how they come to market"

you didn't read that? you also have to read into it a bit, he said "came into the market". apple's been IN THE MARKET for years, which means it's succeeding. he's essentially acknowledging that they're still around.

yorkie3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Ballmer stated that Apple have quality and Linux have the best price. Not very clever things to say when your trying to convince people to buy your product now is it.

Oh so you talk to Ballmer then do you cos I didn't read that in his statement.

Yep I read it and no where did he say Apple were 'lucky' and the problem with reading into things is that you interpret it the way 'you' want to and not the way the author meant it. Oh and he said 'how they come to market' NOT how they came to market.

DevastationEve3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

...and the author wrote it the way HE interpreted it, so what's your point?

...and if the article was in another language you'd have an interpreter reading it for you, in the way HE interpreted it.

As humans we are kinda left to our own capacity to interpret things, and the way I interpreted that line is actually very logical. He may have not said it right there but his intended message was that Apple are still around. He could've said that they're not making money, which is a lie. He could've said that they're not thriving, which too is a lie.

So he said that "that's kinda how they come to market". Their strategy has worked in other words, since Ballmer didn't comment that it hasn't.

edit: it's not dumb really, i see how it just might not make since to YOU...the way you've interpreted it anyway ;)

Don't forget that the helms of companies this huge have meanings in their words MORE than just what we hear...

yorkie3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

To say of your two rivals that one has high quality and one has low price is pretty dumb. Wouldn't you agree ?????????

If it was in another language the interpreter would read it as it was written and not his interpretation of it. Have you ever heard the expression when your in a hole stop digging, well I'd put the spade down buddy. Lol

It is dumb to claim you neither provide best quality nor best price and thats not my interpretation that is what he actually said.

But what is there to analyse the man said Apple provide quality and Linux are cheaper, no analysis needed if you want quality or best price go else where.

DevastationEve3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Well, if it's your interpretation that I'm in a hole...okay. I don't see how you'd disagree with what I'm implying here though, that there's always a wealth more of info to be gained from analysis.

oh! i see what you're well it's still not stupid as you see it, since Ballmer isn't saying that Microsoft offers neither, he's just saying that Apple and Linux do. if it were interpreted that way, yeah it'd be stupid. but that's not what he means :P

edit: thanks :D you too!

yorkie3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

You know what I'm beginning to like you, I have enjoyed our little 'tet a tet' without the need to resort to insults or swearing. Respect, have a bubble

jakethemuss3391d ago

Not really, I think what Ballmer is trying to say is that why Linux's approach is striaght out cost leadership, their product may fail in offerings of quality. Apple on the other hand is differentiated in asking for a higher price but also focused on offering high quality. Microsoft on the other hand offers quality to a broad market as in its the only OS that covers all makerkets but at a higher price than linux, so all the big 3 are targeting different markets
Cost - Linux
Differentiated - Microsoft
Differentiated Focused - Apple

You could argue that Linux is cost focused in that they aim to be free but with less features and that micorsoft is the cost leader in that they offer the most features for the cheapest price.

The main thing to understand is the fact that the big 3 of OS are targeting different markets. The main question you should be asking is micorsoft targeting the right market and is it catering for that market?

Also going off on a bit of a tangent, the reason why microsoft isn't that scared of chrome OS is it more a competitor of linux rather than microsoft.

CyberCam3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

is that while Linux is cost focused, it is also QUALITY focused as well... keep in mind that Linux is more secure than both M$ & Apple and runs rock stable. So although Balmer didn't mention it, Linux's targeted audience is EVERYONE in ALL CATEGORIES... the only downfalls it has, is that it does not have as many features as the other 2 OS's and ISV (Independent Software Vendors) are afraid to support it.

Linux is aimed at keeping things simple... I guess that's why it's so secure!

andron3390d ago

I like quality and low price. Currently using Linux Mint, but if Apple had some lower level priced hardware I'd get in on that action...

yorkie3389d ago

Wow so you dont think that highlighting your competitors strengths is a bad thing. I hope your your not in a sales job LoL. And like CYBERCAM said dont think that Linux doesn't provide quality because it does, just like Firefox and thats free also. And once again you are trying to interpret Ballmers words, well why not instead of looking for hidden meanings accept what the man said, Apple=high quality and Linux=best price that kinda leaves Microsoft in the middle which probally explains why Apple has seen a rise in sales while Microsoft hasn't.

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Theoneneo813391d ago

Last time i Check MS does not make Computers other companys HP Dell etc do if your talking about your MS than why is Windows 7 gonna cost 200 bucks compared apple having snow leopard for 30 bucs

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