60fps vs 24fps: Can Motion Blur help low Frame Rates ?

Here is an old but informative video of the differences between high frame rates 60 FPS and low frame rates 15-24 FPS.


Here is a direct link to the download for a better resolution and it will require XviD codec.

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ITR4188d ago

So where is the 24fps with motion blur part?

dantesparda4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

The flash video is not 60fps, you have to download the AVI file in order to see the differences. Otherwise if you judge it of the flash video, then you are not getting an accurate representation of 60fps vs 24fps. As a matter of fact, i would argue that even the 60fps AVI video is not truly a good representation. As there is a huge difference between 24fps and 60 fps in a game in real life. 60fps looks silky smooth and usually fast, whereas 24fps looks jerky and slower. Now i'll admit, that i dont know about with motion blur, and do tend to like the effect. But the fact remains that 60 fps is better than 24fps. Please guys, this is not a 360/PS3 thing. This a reality thing, And fact is fact.

mr_steveo4188d ago

I love my Ibook g4, but i cant see a diff between the 2 frame rate versions, which im guessin is because of my mac being to slow to render the vid fast enough??

Or im blind :O !!! *cries*

ITR4188d ago

I can't tell.

To me the 24 with blur looked better during the ball demo.

elliot_4188d ago

the demonstration is cool...

JasonXE4188d ago

Can't really tell when everything looks jaggy in the vid.

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The story is too old to be commented.