Koku Cast Radio – Episode 4

Koku Gamer writes: "This week, Kevin, Yousif, and Kwan discuss the past weeks news, what we have been playing, and a discussion on the rising price in games and how it effects hardcore and casual gamers. Plus, a chance to win Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta code and exclusive in-game bonus item."

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Jorrel563365d ago

Good podcast all around. Audio quality has definitely improved. The rising price of games is definitely a concern, especially in today's economy.

A HiFi3364d ago

Just gave it a quick listen since I've yet to get through number 3 yet, but audio sounds better!

Elven63365d ago

Sweet, downloading now.

ajcadoo3365d ago

Omg uncharted 2 is gunna be amazing!

A HiFi3364d ago

I briefly played the original and thought it was good, but I don't own a PS3. The multiplayer, though, looks good and interests me.