Tekken 6 Profiles Released

Profiles for five Tekken 6 characters has been released. They are for Leo, Zafina, Yoshimitsu, Kazuya, and Heihachi. To find out more click on the link.

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GaMr-4216d ago

I pretty much gave up following the story lines of these games once the "3rd. king of iron fist tournament was announced". To me Tekken story line is like the acting in soft core porn. Skip the non-sense lets just get to the action please.

jpod4216d ago

I don't mind the story really. I'm like you too, but I still follow the story anyways. It's just something I like about Tekken. Feels like it's a good addon for Tekken.

IPlayGames4216d ago

Its what makes me wanna beat the game with everyone.

Thats the reason i traded VF5(no story) the game play cool but i had no reason to play with everyone.

techie4216d ago

I love yekken stories too...but those damn tekken stories, well they are good fun i suppose.

elliot_4216d ago

tekken story s*cks...but the game its pretty and awesome....very very addictive...tekken6 must be like the others...with new things and even more addictive...with online

elliot_4216d ago

i only beat tekken with everyone to see the final movie:P
and to get new things...

Jamaicangmr4216d ago

Ok maybe it's not the best story in the world and we all know they wont win any awards but in all honestly it does motivate you to finish the game with all charactors and isn't that the point of the stories in the 1st place?

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