Koku Gamer: Driver '76 Review

Koku Gamer writes: "I remember playing the first Driver game on the Playstation and getting so infuriated with the car park training that I very nearly gave up at the start but I persevered and found a very enjoyable game underneath even if the final level was nigh-on impossible to beat. When Driver 2 was released it combined racing with on-foot action way before GTA III. Sadly though it proved to be too ambitious for the Playstation and was doomed from the start which gave Rockstar plenty of time to tweak GTA and then release GTA III and change the gaming world forever."

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SoapShoes3367d ago

I liked 76 better than gta:lcs.

-Mezzo-3366d ago

It was a nice game no doubt but certainly need much needed improvements.

A HiFi3366d ago

Sounds like Driver. The series has become synonymous with the word 'average'.