Israeli-Palestinian Sim Goes Commercial

Kotaku reports of a new kind of simulation game will be published by Manifesto games called Pescekeeper. This new take on the simulation genre lets you play as either the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President.

Incorporating real-world events and news stories, the game challenges players to succeed as a leader where others have failed; to experience the joy of bringing peace to the region - or the agony of plunging the Middle East into disaster.

Peacemaker recently won the University of Southern California's Public Diplomacy Games Contest for it's excellent content when it was created by a Carnegie-Mellon University student. The game is one of many such games that have come about recently that deal with real world issues.

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Neutral Gamer4188d ago

Well, considering that real life politics hasn't been able to find the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this seriously could be one of the best hopes left.

It'd be great if this actually ends up somehow finding a solution or brings up a new way of dealing with the situation. The great thing is that lots of different options could be tried, including ones that may have been too risky in reality, without adversely affecting anybody.

There are SOME pretty smart gamers out there and with youth and imagination on their side hopefully they'll be able to find something that the political leaders and diplomats have so far missed.

If it makes even a small positive difference it would also hopefully do something towards enhancing the image of games and gamers that the media currently report in a biased and sensationalist way. :)

kmis874187d ago

A video game is not the solution. Frankly, I don't think there is a solution. I'm going to download it and see how it works, but this almost certainly will accomplish nothing.

Karebear4187d ago

I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem.
I seriously doubt this is an answer, but I also doubt it can hurt anything.

Rooted_Dust4187d ago

Isn't that complex. All that needs to happen is Israel needs to give seized Palestinian land back to the Palestinians and give all non-Jewish citizens equal rights under their laws. Hey, it might even solve our American-Muslim world problem too, since We enable Israel in everything they do. Too bad that will never happen either. Anyways enough with the gun politics and foreign relations on this site, I do politics on other websites, I come here to talk about games.