Associated Content: Review For Wii Sports Resort

Associated Content has released a review of "Wii Sports Resort' for the Wii.
"In 2006 Nintendo released the Nintendo Wii - a motion-controlled system that has impacted the entire gaming industry by stealing the hearts of over fifty million gamers (and non-gamers). During a time when it seemed the industry was destined down a path to HD gaming, the Wii taught a valuable lesson.

The world wanted inexpensive, innovative colorful games. Gritty shooters, abusive online play, and ultra-realistic graphics have all taken the backseat to Nintendo's A-list of Wii games. Just as the Wii and its pack-in game, Wii Sports, lit the world on fire with their popularity, precision and party gaming - now Wii Sports Resort seems prepped to do the same."

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