India:Thumbs up for Sony Playstation 3

New Delhi: The mother of all gaming consoles is here! The PS3 is finally in India.Priced at a hefty Rs 40,000 for the 60 GB version, this machine is all you need for HD entertainment......

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Violater4188d ago

Yet people say no one wanted rumble.

elliot_4188d ago

ps3 will be like cows in india...:P


sak5004188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Look at them all cheering and happy on their way to pick one up..

And the Sony's chief himself was there playing teh flute

Edit: Really..Sorry my bad.

conjurdevil4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

well man I cant argue with u coz u havent seen the metropolitan cities as yet!!Just come once to delhi ull c wts it all about!!those r juz old pics distributed with false info regarding India!!get ur facts right!

techie4188d ago

sak...bit low there.

How you liking it conjurdevil - is it really expensive? What kind of price are the games?

Bill Gates4188d ago

Conjur, just ignore that "sak" of sh!t. He was raised in a cocoon of ignorance. Enjoy your PS3 brother.

4188d ago
kingboy4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

you my friend is quite ignorant and needs to catch up more on current world affairs

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conjurdevil4188d ago

Must have thing!! Got Reisitance clearly one of the most amazing shooters out there!!and with HDMI on 720p it looks freakin cool!Downloaded demos Ninja Gaiden Sigma , Virtua Tennis , GT HD n many more clearly better than 360.Well as for the price everything good comes with a price....its worth it.
ps.Blu-ray looks damn cool! vibrant colours clarity at its best

techie4188d ago

Nice dude. Well by the end of the year I hope there are plenty of games for you to choose from. I haven't been to India yet, really want to go. My cousin travelled over the country for 6 months, but I've yet to make it. One thing I know I'll like is the food!

nix4188d ago

but i still feel they're charging too much... 880 dollars???

even i want one desperately but it's just too expensive. would have readily paid 600 dollars ~ 27,000 (indian rupees)... and the sad part is only two games worth buying: motorstorm and R:FOM.

will wait until HS, Lair comes out... and of course the price. q:

enjoy dude!!!

by the way, any idea how many were sold on the launch day in india?

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The story is too old to be commented.