Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia Delayed Till May 29th

When speaking with a Representative of SouthPeak Games GamingTalk HQ recieved some brand new Exclusive information that probably won't be recieved with excitment, Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia has been pushed back two weeks to May 29th.

Though the reason for missing the oringal release date of May 16th is unclear. GamingTalk HQ says that an official announcement will be coming soon which will offer better understanding of the situation.

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eques judicii4191d ago

i may be the only one actually looking forward to this game so this is a little disapointing... o well, i'll have C&C 3 to comfort me all month.

Somethnnew184191d ago

THIS GAME IS FLOP MORE THAN DONALD TRUMP FLOPPY OLD [email protected]=)~...HAHA...Yeah I said it....This game sucked on Xbox Live's Demo...Seriously...Monkey Escape for Playstation was better than this!

eques judicii4191d ago

i can't believe people come on here and post crud like that.

PhinneousD4191d ago

the controls were awful on the dl demo. hopefully, but not likely, southpeak 'fixed' this problem.