Wired: 5 Games to Throw Down a Black Hole (and 5 We'd Pull Out)

Wired: After scientists created an "acoustic black hole" using Bose-Einstein condensates, our good friends over at Underwire pounded out a list of atrocious albums to throw into the sonic sucker.

We here at Game|Life have absolutely no idea what Bose-Einstein condensates are, and quite frankly would not even know it if we had some in the back of our sock drawer. However, we enjoyed Underwire's list of five albums to throw into the black hole so much that everybody at decided to get in on the action. Gadget Lab tossed annoying gear, Autopia banished bad cars and Wired Science ousted hideous scientific clichés.

Now it's our turn. Here are the five game series we'd like to throw into a "videogame black hole," which we suspect is probably located somewhere near 3D Realms. As a bonus, we've also named five games somebody already threw into a black hole that we'd like to get back. Read 'em all, then vote or submit your own black hole games.

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