A second look at Sony hints at a turnaround

NEW YORK: A lot of the news about Sony over the last year has been - as its Welsh-born chairman, Howard Stringer, might say - rather dreary....

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BIadestarX4191d ago

What's really keeping Sony alive are cameras + HD TV. My tvs and cameras are both from Sony. Only problem I had with the camera is the flash light popped and I called Sony and they wanted to charge me $180 to replace it. I asked them to send me a replacement ($40) and I did it myself. Sony's very expensive when it comes to getting anything fix. Make you have have extended warranty for stuff that you don't want to have to give your new born for.

bobbybrown4191d ago

What's really keeping Sony alive are cameras + HD TV


sure buddy. And i bet it's because you bought one of their TV's and cameras?

Caxtus7504191d ago

Sony Ericsson im sure is also a good earner for them as is their film company and record label.

BubblesDAVERAGE4191d ago

Sony sole over 100 million consoles but I guess that dosent matter not counting the software sales and handheld sales...I guess that dosent matter also blu ray and the movies they make...bladstar you are an idiot I bet your going to see spiderman three ( thats a sony film boi)

SpinalRemains1384191d ago

What is this; a gaming website or a young republican's website. Wallstreet can below me. Whats going on with Lair?

JasonXE4191d ago

Could become a funny quote

"What is this; a gaming website or a young republican's website."

Armyless4190d ago

You'd think it was becoming a young Democrat's website.

Covenant4191d ago

Even though they've struggled, I've said that Sony--like MS--is one of the few companies capable of surviving lean times. Yes, the PS3 is definitely having "issues," and the short-term outlook shows more struggles to come before things (maybe) get better.

But Bravia TVS, cameras, and the film division continue to do well (I hear some say that Spider-Man 3 movie might be a little, y'know, successful). Those divisions are keeping Sony afloat even while the game division is deep in debt. (Kinda like MS' profits from Windows and software versus the losses coming from the entertainment division, largely due to the uninspiring Zune. That's one thing that Sony and MS have in common: an inability to compete with the iPod).

We're less than six months into the current three-console lineup, and it's way too early to tell how things will be in a year, or two years, or longer. Even if the PS3 continues to struggle, Sony has many other profitable divisions to shore revenues up until (if) the system begins to show profitability.

QuackPot4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

The only way to beat apple is to copy, modify, adpt - get some immediate experience this way.

Apple has mastered producing User-friendly, fashionalble, future looking, performance hardware and software. Learn from them.

So just copy, modify, adapt the iPod, iPone, iMac, macPro, macBook, miniMac, Mac OsX. The experience they get from this policy will eventually translate into domination of the market with Apple quality hardware.

I would just love to see PSP with touch screen - wich can also bring up a keyboard - and dual shock, 6 axis where you can use it as a Ps3 controller and/or play a Ps3 game entirely from the hand held. This idea came about by copying, modifying adapting Apple's iPone. See, it works.

And just remember, if Apple ever chose to enter the game console industry, there's no doubt they would pawn both Sony & Micro$oft - hands down. I'd guarantee they'd also use Mac OsX on their console. So Sony......turn Game OS into a full OS or develop your own sleek, fast, optimized Linux or Unix OS for pete's sake.

Copy, modify, adapt. It works. C'mon Sony. Do it.

These are works of wisdom from a Deltan (read bio).

TheExecutive4191d ago

Yes that is very successful. MS is a master at this. Kinda reminds me of a leech.

QuackPot4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Until their engineers and designers get into the mindset to consistently make stunning hardware like Apple does.

Eg, if you are going to produce an iPod rival then it MUST AT LEAST provide everything( including attractiveness, profile, size, ease of use ) the iPod does - copy, modify, adapt - as well as have ADDITIONAL features. Combine that with a competitive price and you will have achieved your task.

Unfortunately, Sony didn't do this when making the Ps3 to beat xbox 360. Again, copy, modify, adapt and price it appropriately. They failed in the last bit.

If this is leeching THEN LEECH AWAY. Why should M$ make all the money and people foolishly believe that they are a cutting edge, visionary company - which they obviously aren't. That title goes to Apple Inc.


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