Miyamoto Denounces Digital Distribution

Koku Gamer writes: 'Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken of his dislike for digital distribution and says he feels "reassured" by physical media.'

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M337ING3391d ago

I kind of agree with him, I love having box copies of stuff

A HiFi3391d ago

You know, I was talking about this very subject with a few others on here. Digital distribution is neat, but it's not for everyone. I love my boxed copies too. That sense of ownership cannot be matched by digital downloads.

I understand it's cost-effective for smaller games. I don't mind that. But I like a boxed copy of full-priced games.

evrfighter3391d ago

Nothings as convenient then startin up your pc and being able to choose what you wanna play without having to switch a disc.

ExcelKnight3391d ago

That's for people who prefer convenience over physical ownership.

I prefer the latter, since convenience is usually gained later anyway.

FarEastOrient3391d ago

I love the feeling of knowing that my physical media will not be destroyed at the same time as if a hard drive dies. I do have to say though that as much as possible I try to get get both a digital version and a physical version.

Megaton3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

As someone who just sold off 2 PS3 games and 13 PS2 games for $187, I will always go for the physical when I can.

A HiFi3391d ago

Again, another good point - physical copies have a re-sell value.

Elimin83391d ago

But I sure as hell like the option of booting up my ps3 or pc and heading right to the game I want or switching Back and forth without having to switch cd. Goes both ways I guess...

My 2cents

Lich1203391d ago

I can see how people like owning the boxed games, I do myself. But I will say things like steam (which initially I hated) really have some worth to them.

For example, I wanted to go back and play half-life 2 again about a year ago. Unfortunately in all my moving I was missing disk 4 and could not install it. I logged into my old steam account after guessing at the forgotten password since i hadn't been on in like three years and much to my enjoyment, it told me I owned the game and allowed me to download it.

N4g_null3391d ago

You know digital distribution is cool but I like having stuff on some thing physical also. What could be a possible solution? SD cards with a full game on it and room for games that use the same engine or enough room to save updates or sequels to your game or even user created content.

I like they way they where thinking when they made the N64 DD yet we now have the tech to hold 32 gigs and more of game data. The media would be much cooler if it was a "living package". Then people would not trade games in.

badz1493391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

but DD is cool plus it cost less than its physical counterpart which almost always temp me into buying them! but miyamoto's opinion cannot be taken seriously considering this matter just because he's an old-timer which is always not up to the trend! or maybe he's saying this because the wii is not capable for DD because the lack of HDD!

A HiFi3391d ago

Lich & Scissor - Great points.

Oh, and badz - your avatar suggests that you definitely like seeing non-physical things busted. ;)

Mini Mario3391d ago

I love box art. Would hate to see it go. I still own every game ive ever bought. Most are in mint cond. Some of them are worth quite on a bit on ebay as well (chrono trigger for example) fact I still buy old games off ebay.

Catridge only ebay auctions sell for waaayyyy less than something that has instructions and the box intact. But digital download is good for people who could care less about a box i guess lol.

badz1493391d ago

haha LOL...I'm in no way against DD but that thing about my avatar is good! +bubbles

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user8586213391d ago

I prefer seeing my collection in my living room :) rather then it showin up on a t.v screen (hows that supposed 2 make ur mates go WOW when they see ur game collection??) :S

A HiFi3391d ago

I guess it's possible with Gamercards and stuff now. But your point is valid.

solsub3391d ago

I also like owning the tangible, physical media version of software I choose to purchase.

Redempteur3391d ago

For little games like wiiware , or small psn game i can accept not having a box ...but for everything else there is MASTERC... euh
For everything else i want my box .. i still enjoy limited edition of some of my games and i still want it that way ...

A HiFi3391d ago

Good point. 'Limited Edition' or 'Collector's Edition'. Perfect examples of why physical media can still attract us.

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