Video Game Warzone #53

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On today's show Torrence goes on a rampage against the media on how they are writing opinion based articles to get an abundance of low quality traffic. It seems that even professional blogs are creating damage control or hate articles to get fanboys riled up to boost their traffic rating. It's pretty sad that the idea of investigative journalism is an afterthought in the day of digital reporting. Torrence targets, a site that he openly supports and Also on this show:

* Rage and the PS3 (Torrence)
* KOF12 (Torrence)
* Comic-Con (Candid Anthony)
* Nintendo making games that don't work (Erl Fly)
* PC gaming will be over when the next Playstation and Xbox arrive (Hiphopgamer) "

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deadreckoning6663460d ago

Lol, if that Mass Effect on PS3 and PSP article gets posted..theres gunna be a nerd rage!